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4.10.2016 by Heini Tuorila

How to cope with 50 students on a field trip?

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  • How to cope with 50 students on a field trip?

    4.10.2016 by Heini Tuorila

    Learning experiences outside the classroom are always unique and provide deep learning when students put into practice “in the real world” what they have theorized about from behind a desk. Students of today are not that familiar with field trips anymore as they spend they days indoors much more than their parents did when they were young.
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  • Loud and clear

    6.4.2016 by Heini Tuorila

    We pride ourselves as being a world-class provider of wireless products, and the people at Haltian certainly know how to make highly durable and usable products that are always optimised in terms of component size and performance. And at the heart of each product, the thing that that makes it wireless in the most basic sense of the word, is the antenna. As with other areas of design work, Haltian’s antenna design is based on the latest technology, top-tier competence and reliable partnerships.
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  • What makes Snowfox outsmart all the other trackers

    22.3.2016 by Teemu Vaattovaara

    We have always thought that the experience and intelligence of the service derives from the right functional balance between the application, the cloud and the device. Following this design principle, we were able to build Snowfox into a device that can be your smart and trustworthy companion and will keep parents and children informed, connected and within reach. What sets it above other similar trackers are the traits and features that are the result of years of design experience and deep understanding family life.
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  • Making the Internet of Things happen

    4.3.2016 by Ville Ylläsjärvi

    Every new IoT application needs hardware to gather valuable data. If your Internet of Things application needs a specific IoT device to be developed from scratch, you have arrived at a mountain of obstacles.
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  • The beauty of open source

    18.1.2016 by Jyrki Leskelä

    If I could name one thing that has changed the way software is developed in the last couple of decades I would say it is open source and the way it is distributed. Naturally, this change has also sneaked into the device development. From software perspective, a typical consumer device is not that different from, say, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Let's compare these two popular kits.
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  • Developing software in a device design company

    17.12.2015 by Jyrki Leskelä

    Most people associate the brand Haltian with high quality device hardware development. It is perhaps not as well known that we also have a reasonably large software team. I have been part of the team already more than a year so I have some insights what it is like to be a software professional in a device design company. Many of you think of programming as the core of software development. In need to agree to some extent: while there are many other activities during the day, it is programming that usually sets us apart from the rest.
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  • Bringing strategies to life

    4.9.2015 by Heini Tuorila

    Running a start-up and getting its head above water requires a solid strategy: what, why, when and for whom we are doing things. At Haltian, strategic thinking has been there from the start; we have had our vision almost untouched since day one. But in the end, making it real is what really counts to success. For that purpose we've created a Haltian Brand Book as a tool for all Haltians, a company brand notebook to help us remember what goes into making successful and sustainable products.
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  • HEAT specifications

    27.4.2015 by Teemu Vaattovaara

    Haltian’s continuous effort to make sure our customers get the full benefits of all our expertise has made us a valuable partner for many companies. It is also why we designed and developed HEAT, software that has the potential to become one of the most important tools for daily R&D work.
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  • A way to kickstart!

    13.2.2015 by Anu Lapola

    It’s now been a while since our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Thingsee One ended, so we thought it was time to look back at what we accomplished and how we got there. We’re not going to go into more detail with Thingsee One here; if you’re not already familiar with it, you can find more info about it at thingsee.com.
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  • Happy New Year 2015

    31.12.2014 by Pasi Leipälä

    Haltian’s second full year of operation is coming to an end. And what a year it has been! This year has been a year of investments and building the enablers for our future growth. Less than 12 months ago, our head office was still located in Kasarmintie. After a while the premises became too tightly packed and we moved to new, very nicely renovated premises in Peltola in February.
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  • When things come alive (well, almost)

    13.11.2014 by Harri Partanen

    We all know that things can’t talk. Inanimate objects cannot utter words or sentences any more than pigs can fly. But that doesn’t stop us from thinking what it would sound like if things actually could talk: what they’d say and how they’d say it.
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  • New Haltian site launched

    29.9.2014 by Heini Tuorila

    We’re all familiar with the old idiom of the shoemaker’s son always going barefoot. Well, we decided to prove it wrong. We’ve now published our new web site, and we couldn’t be more proud.
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  • Fresh thinking

    4.6.2014 by Harri Partanen

    One key ingredient for a thriving workplace is a rich blend of people with different competences and backgrounds. This makes the company ready to identify and adapt to new challenges, when opinions and viewpoints are challenged to come up with something new and thrilling.
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  • Connecting gets you ahead of the game

    26.5.2014 by Heini Tuorila

    No-one makes it alone. For a global company, it's vital that you are able to co-operate, network and form alliances with other companies, and work together to provide benefits for all sides, including the customers. When working in harmony, B2B alliances also enable a "one stop shop" kind of service, where the sourcing and subcontracting burden is taken away from the customer and taken on by a service provider such as Haltian.
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  • Why Oulu?

    4.4.2014 by Heini Tuorila

    What makes the distance? Why do we say that something is far away and something else close? You might think that Oulu is far away, but I could also ask: from where? Oulu is far away from Singapore, but so are London and New York. Oulu is the largest city in northern Finland and also the fifth largest city in Finland. Our airport, second-busiest in Finland and the busiest in northern Scandinavia, is an important air traffic hub, with easy connections to Helsinki, Tampere, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Tallinn. Basically, you can get here quite easily.
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