and Partners

We connect and collaborate with other world-class companies to provide our customers with the best possible service. See who’s made the cut.

  • Symbio & Haltian: Serving the Americas

    With the combination of their expertise in HW, SW and user experience design, the cooperation of these two companies will be an important force in the ICT service offering field, especially in the North American market.​ Together with Symbio and Cresense we build a combined offering which will be officially launched at Mobile World Congress in February 2015.​

  • Global coverage with Telenor Connexion

    Telenor Connexion is a leading provider of connected business solutions. By partnering with Telenor Connexion we can offer our Finnish, Baltic and Russian customers more global and comprehensive solutions for their business. With Telenor Connexion and Haltian our customers are ensured a reliable and secure connected service that can evolve over time.

  • Grant4Com, our tried and tested partner

    With Grant4Com we will be able to offer full product creation service from one single contact point. Tailored tests with a creative development process are powerful tools to evaluate and optimize several parallel product design concepts, and to find the best performance and reliability requirements in early phase.

  • Spinverse Innovation Mill

    Spinverse Innovation Mill helped Haltian match their competence with a corporate idea and apply for Tekes funding.

  • Offcode

    Offcode Ltd. is an embedded systems design company specializing in embedded Linux and User Interface Technologies. Offcode Ltd. co-operates with Haltian to find opportunities within new innovative projects as well as mobile and fixed embedded systems development.

  • Convergentia

    Together with Convergentia we can provide our customers with virtual prototyping, multidisciplinary simulations and different design option verification.

  • Infinity

    Infinity is one of our many design collaborators. They provide leading design consultancy with Industrial Design, UI and UX design for devices of the new connected world using a human-centered approach.

  • Business Rooster

    Business Rooster coaches Haltian so that we can keep focused on our goals and achieve even bigger and better things.

  • PractiCol

    Our employees matter. PractiCol helps us build and implement HR practices that make sure the people at Haltian are happy at what they do.