Design Path

When you choose to work with Haltian you have the full capacity of our expertise at your disposal. We make sure that you get the service you deserve and that your idea is both technically and financially feasible.

At Haltian, HW and SW engineers work in tandem because continuous communication and open collaboration play a vital part in creating a high-quality product with less time and money required.

Our unique ways of working make it possible for us to provide all our customers with the best possible service, from early concept work to after market management.

Haltian is a company with excellent credentials and partners. We actively keep up with all the latest developments in technology and suppliers in order to know well in advance what’s coming and how we can make it work for us.

You can have a closer look at our product path below. As a customer, you can travel with us all the way, or simply choose the phase that best suits your needs.

Evaluating your idea

You get a realistic evaluation of the feasibility of your idea or proposition. You also get an estimate of its cost and time required. The evaluation is done with controlled cost.

We investigate the technical feasibility of your idea, along with the needed investment in time and money.

Building a demonstrator

You get an actual demonstrator or a prototype which can be used as a concrete proof of the feasibility on a larger scale. This is useful, for example, when contacting potential investors. Your investment in the project is still moderate in this phase.

We build you a demonstrator with agreed functionality and review it with you.

Realizing the final product

You get a finalized product that is ready to be shipped. You just need to start taking orders so that customers can get their hands on a great product.

We finalize the product with proper documentation and all agreed type approvals and certifications. We can also take care of the manufacturing plans for you, and even the in-market and maintenance responsibilities, providing support through the whole product life cycle.

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Pasi Pentinpuro is the right person to contact on device design matters.

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