ASMO charger

The energy efficient mobile phone charger

Asmo is a mobile phone charger which consumes absolutely no power in standby mode and starts and stops automatically.

Haltian developed the first prototype of the ASMO Charger, worked as part of the productization as well as assisted in the protection of this clever innovation.

Haltian Strengths

With the ASMO Charger product development we were able to use our experience in miniature mechanical design in such areas like concept work, modeling, tolerance analyses and testing. We also made sure that the product complies with all necessary authority requirements. Since we already have a long and working relationship with patent agencies we could also help protect the new innovative charger.

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Client testimonial

“The people at Haltian are among the world’s most expert electronics manufacturers and have what it takes to drive this project to the finish line and create the really high quality product we know ASMO users will love. It was a great moment when I finally got the first charger in my hands, and the best part was that it worked just as I had designed it to. I’ve received a lot of help along the way”,

says the product’s inventor Asmo Saloranta.