IoT Solution Path

Below you can find Haltian's path to building a fully functioning Internet of Things service. Read more to see if you should give us a call.

Boarding IoT

You get a concrete proposal of your business opportunity in the Internet of Things, either from your own idea or from an evaluation based on your company's business area and strengths.

We evaluate the need and available opportunities based on your business and the current market situation. We also plan how to get a proof of the concept.

Developing a solution prototype

To get a feel and a proof of the concept, you get a working IoT solution with HW, a functional backend and a GUI that is both informative and easy to use. With our expertise and resources, this can be developed and set up quickly.

We develop and implement a solution prototype that shows you how your solution will work. Another option is to set up a pilot program with wider scope for further validation.

Building an IoT solution

Your solution gets set up based on your idea, your business needs and the results that we get from the prototype phase.

We integrate the web solution and backend to your service. We also develop the IoT device with world-class HW based on your specific needs.

Launching your solution

Your solution is launched in partnership with Haltian and with the appropriate celebration. Congratulations, you're now in the IoT business!

We deploy your service and, if need be, handle all the maintenance duties and life cycle updates.

Let's find you a solution

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