Cloud Engineer for Haltian

We are now looking for a Cloud Engineer to join our team


Are you a visionary?

Are you a visionary? As a Cloud Engineer at Haltian you will be developing Thingsee IoT using the latest Kubernetes and Docker technologies.

We have over 100 talented employees working with us globally, and as Haltian is on a path of solid growth, we are growing our team with a new Cloud Engineer! Our team has developed and delivered products scaling up to millions of devices into the hands of our global customers and even more innovative solutions are on their way.

We are looking for a motivated person with proactive stance and make-it-happen mentality. Preferably you have some experience using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) or you have some equivalent experience in other hosted Kubernetes services like Azure (AKS) or Google (GKE). You will be a part of our cloud/on-premises development team that creates our services, APIs and projects for internal and external clients. You should be fluent in English and skills in Finnish or other languages are considered as your benefit.

Main Tasks

Join an innovative team

  • Design and implementation of new back-end services and solutions
  • Optimization, improvements and maintenance of existing services
  • Design and implementation of APIs and protocol
  • Integration of data/services into various different 3rd party systems
  • Creation of libraries and modules for internal code reuse
  • Study and evaluation of new technologies
  • Some key words: Kubernetes, Docker, MQTT, REST, JavaScript, Node.js, Python

We offer you

Interesting work, relaxed environment and a lot of flexibility

  • Great opportunity to develop your skills and dive into something totally new on a daily basis
  • Relaxed way of working in an environment of low bureaucracy and high freedom
  • Hybrid way of working. There’s room at the office (Oulu), but you can also work from home.
  • Flexible working hours, morning and evening people are both welcome
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Professional development
  • Experienced and friendly colleagues
  • Motivated and visionary leaders, who value culture and trust

So, are you a visionary? Do you want to create something that has never been done before? Tell us your story. We don’t want just cold facts, high grades, fancy titles or working machines. Instead, we need people who can justify their decisions, who have learned from their mistakes, who are able to speak out loud and think for themselves.

How to apply? Submit your application to our recruitment system. Please keep in mind that we proceed immediately with potential candidates. Start of work is negotiable. This position is located in Oulu, Finland. For more information, you can contact our Talent Acquisition Lead Meri Merkkiniemi, p. +358 44 4932704,

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