Thingsee GATEWAY

Thingsee GATEWAY CELLULAR is a plug & play IoT gateway device for large scale IoT solutions. Main role of the Thingsee GATEWAY CELLULAR is to ensure that data flows continuously, reliably and safely from the sensors to cloud.
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Cellular connectivity
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Easy to use

Use for

Ensure data flow from sensors to cloud

Easy to use cellular gateway

Easy to install

you simply plug in the device to a power source and the device does the rest!

No configuration steps needed!

All the sensors and gateways are already configured with customer specific parameters allowing quick and easy setup.

  • Why Thingsee GATEWAY

    Secure IoT data flow

    Thingsee GATEWAY connects a mesh of a few to hundreds of wireless sensor devices to Thingsee Operations Cloud. It exchanges data with the mesh network and sends data to cloud backends. It is connected to the internet over a 2G packet data connection.

Thingsee Gateway on hand


Device info
Operating temperature 0°C … +40°C
IP rating grade IP40
Radio sensitivity -95 dBm (BTLE)
Weight 43 g
Certifications CE and RoHS compliant
Wireless range 5-25m indoor, up to 100m Line of Sight
Connectivity Wirepas Mesh
Includes SIM card and managed SIM subscription
Micro USB powered