Product Validation and Testing

High quality product validation and testing include various types of tests done in different phases of the project. Already in the product concept creation phase our experienced designers take testing requirements into account in all of their design decisions, be it mechanics, electronics or software. This way we can minimize the risks of any surprises coming out later in the testing.

In software design the test cases are designed for each use case. We work in an agile software creation mode where testing coverage is increased by every software release. Every time when new use cases are available in the software we also test them carefully.

In hardware design process we test the durability of the product in various conditions in all the prototype rounds. Also, even before the first prototype we can prevent many of the potential problems by simulation. This will help for example in meeting the required IP classification.

For production testing Haltian has developed its own specific high quality testing platform called Haltian HEAT™ (Haltian Engineering All-Mighty Tool) that we license to our customers. With Haltian Heat testing platform you can easily and reliably update the latest software in your products on the production line and verify that the software functions according to the specification.  Or, you can start using Haltian Heat already in the prototype creation phase and do the verification on your own desk.


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