We see prototyping as an essential part of the product development throughout the project. In the product concept creation phase we already illustrate you the product design together with its mechanical structure and component choices with the desktop software tools. There we can also create quick functional appearance models for testing and verification purposes.

In the actual product development phase we typically create prototypes in one to three builds with which we prepare for the mass production. We may also do simulations to verify for example antenna performance or mechanical constructions even before the actual build.

EVT, engineering validation test, is our first build where we produce tens or even up to 100 devices depending on the project. These prototype devices can be used to verify both the intended use case and the selected design in mechanics and electronics. This build is typically done with rapid tools so investment costs are not that high yet.

DVT, design validation test, is the next build where we produce already higher amount of devices – hundreds or even a thousand, again depending on the type of the project. In this phase we can also already verify production testingĀ  and start certification testing process. The cost of the build is higher as here the investment for the mass production tools is done.

PVT, production validation test, is the last build where we ramp up the mass production. The devices of this build can typically be already sold to customers due to the final quality of the products.


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