Thingsee IoT Solution Suite

Application family to operate your IoT solution – It's IoT made easy!
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IoT is hard

How to digitize your business?

Haltian has worked with IoT for many years, leading the development of the field and learning from our customers. We have discovered that many companies find it complicated to implement, launch and scale commercial IoT solutions in a cost effective and secure way. In addition, complex IoT technology integrations eat up the economic gains.

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We want to make IoT easy

Thingsee Solution Suite makes IoT quick and simple for everyone!

Thingsee Solution Suite is an application family that is used to operate Thingsee IoT solutions. Its plug-and-play design principle means that the entire organization and the assets can be on-boarded quickly to embark on the lean and always-connected operational model.

Thingsee Solution Suite is a safe, scalable and cost-effective way to implement up to millions of IoT devices. In addition, Haltian support and maintenance are with you every step of the way.

  • User roles – Planner

    Manage your IoT

    By using desktop tools, the Planner creates and manages all operative roles in the enterprise profile, including the planner, technician, insight, and solution end-user. The planner also plans the field operations and creates job orders for various installations and maintenance tasks.

  • User roles – Technician

    For the field jobs

    Technicians are provided a dedicated mobile application to smoothly carry out the field jobs – including validating the wireless sensor network, installing new sensors, checking and acknowledging installations, and maintenance tasks related to the assigned job orders. The technicians can download the mobile application online.

  • User roles – Insight

    IoT analytics

    Service managers can optimize the system, service, and business – based on the enriched data and analytics provided by the insight web dashboard. The dashboard displays the sensor data in graphs across the organization with set alarm levels.

Thingsee IOT solution suite planner and manager
Thingsee IoT solution suite technician role for Iot installation
Thingsee IoT solution suite insight role for IoT data analythics
Haltian customer service and maintenance

Haltian IoT Maintenance Services

You can focus on your business, we take care of the rest

Haltian maintenance is included in all Haltian IoT solutions. Our maintenance guarantees the 24/7 operation of your IoT system: we take care of everything and make sure things are running smoothly.

Maintenance includes the maintenance of the sensor network, Thingsee IoT cloud, Software and device configuration and different kinds of support materials.

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