Smart buildings and facilities webinar: Christmas party everyday

IoT webinar with facility management company ISS, Smart buildings: Tieto Empathic Building, Haltian, Internet of things

On May 26th Haltian invited our partners, facility services company ISS Group and digital services company TietoEVRY, to join our IoT webinar with the theme of smart buildings and facilities. In the webinar, the three companies talked about applying IoT to their business and the ways in which it could be done in order to get real-life value from IoT solutions.

IoT solutions can bring a building to life

ISS is one of the largest facility management companies in the world, with almost 500 000 employees all in several different companies. Jari Tiirikainen, the Head of Digital Excellence in ISS Finland provides ISS customers with IoT and AI solutions. Jari sees IoT in facility management as a way to create better experiences, better service concepts and a better feeling for the building’s users.

“I see it as a remarkable opportunity to come up with different kinds of ways to make a hard, cold building and structure come to life by adding some IoT sensors and other added intelligent parts.”

Jari Tiirikainen, Head of Digital Excellence, ISS Finland

Haltian team designing

ISS announces global partnership with Haltian

ISS requires an IoT platform that is secure, reliable, and easily scaled and modified to customers’ needs. Haltian has already been the main provider of IoT solution for ISS Finland, and now the cooperation will be extended globally.

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What’s the incentive for the employees to return to the office?

In addition to Jari, we had Tomi Teikko, the head and father of TietoEVRY Empathic Building solution joining us. One of the biggest questions for Tomi right now is what the impact of covid-19 will be for offices all over the world. Tomi believes that coming back to the office and the way we work will change permanently: With less time spent on commuting and more freedom to working hours and environment, we must ask what is the attraction in the office that employees will want to go back? For Tomi, the ambition level is high:

“In Tieto Corporation, when we have most people present in our office, is the Christmas party, once a year. … So my ambition level to attract people back to the physical space is Christmas party everyday.”

Tomi Teikko, Head of Tieto Empathic Building, TietoEVRY

Now is a good time to start with IoT

From Haltian, our CEO and co-founder Pasi Leipälä joined the webinar as well. With several years of experience with IoT solutions for different kinds of businesses, Pasi answered the question: Where are we today in the IoT adaption curve?

“We are seeing more and more value bringing use-cases in IoT and it is now going to wide use and into really good use-cases. … But I would say that we are still at the beginning, so there is maybe 20-30% of industries and companies who have been able to adopt IoT solutions in a productive way and then there is maybe 30-40% who are considering it, but not have started yet. Now is a good time to start.”

Pasi Leipälä, CEO and co-founder, Haltian Oy

Watch the entire webinar with presentations from ISS, TietoEVRY and Haltian here:

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