on your Startup


While our experienced team works to realize your product vision

We help your startup to maximize it´s potential by offering our product making expertise and experience in new product development. We have gone through the journey a dozen times and know exactly which steps to take to reach your goal.

You get world class team, technology access and the best combination of operations to get your product to market efficiently.

Get your product on the right track from the beginning

We love to co-create new products with ambitious startup entrepreneurs. In the beginning of a project we study the market and technology landscape carefully to  get you designs that meet your user requirements and let you better plan for the journey ahead. You get solid estimates on the product development project duration and budget requirements. Our designers and engineers bring their expertise to the project to make your vision define tomorrow.

Haltian is your long term partner

We want to achieve a long term partnership with our customers. We know the journey of a startup can have it highs and lows and the phases need careful planning from operations and work point of view.

We have designed our operations do that we´ll have just the right offering regardless of the stage of your startup. We can start with very light design and technology consultation projects to build on your business plan. Often the first product is made to proof your business plan to investors and to acquire your first loyal customers. Once your funding allows we can really break the bank with a beautiful fusion of design, technology and business case optimization.

One Stop Shop for startups

We have built a complete team to serve your startup. We typically help our startup customers run through various stages of funding and design a case specific process to get your first product to market.

One team means ease of planning and management for you. You´ll be appointed an experienced project manager that will ensure the project happens in timely manner and according to budget. You´ll get to focus on the most important aspects of product and business development. Life of an entrepreneur can be hard and it is a good idea to have an experienced team to take responsibility of the R&D.

What our customers say:


We have had the benefit and pleasure of collaborating with Haltian for a number of years in our previous companies, so it was a straightforward decision to continue our collaboration at the outset of OMATA. It’s very simple, Haltian is a world class product development team with a No-Bullshit approach and endless creativity. We trust Haltian to deliver on our ambition to create modern precision instruments.

Rhys Newman, Founder, OMATA


We teamed up closely with Haltian to take our working prototype to miniaturization and prepare it for mass-production. Haltian helped us to make Basslet a masterpiece of engineering.

Daniel Büttner, Founder and CEO, LOFELT


Haltian launches a Competition for new hardware startups

Are you working hard to build the next big thing? This is your chance to win a free Startup Concept Study worth 10000€. The competition begins on Sebtember 24th 2018 and runs until 31st of December 2019.

Haltian will give away a free concept study for the best Eligible Startup idea. You´ll get an expert team to work on your idea. The 10000€ concept study gives you an actionable basis to start building your startup on. You will get solid results that make pitching your startup 100x easier for investors.

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