Thingsee ENTERPRISE IoT starter package

Thingsee ENTERPRISE IoT starter package allows flexible, full-scale custom piloting with Thingsee IoT devices and connectivity with a path to unlimited scaling after the pilot.

Thingsee ENTERPRISE steps

Getting started with Thingsee ENTERPRISE takes only a few steps. After ordering the package from the Haltian sales team, you’ll receive your Thingsee ENTERPRISE package with your selected devices, accessories and user guides for easy installation. Then, you’ll receive the cloud integration and open API information so that you can integrate the IoT data to which ever application you need. The installation of Thingsee IoT devices is done in less than a minute and they start sending IoT data immediately. Then, your IoT installation is ready!

Thingsee ENTERPRISE includes a selection of the following IoT devices:
Thingsee IoT starter packages devices

1 pc Thingsee GATEWAY GLOBAL gateway device

+ 20 Thingsee IoT sensor devices of your choosing, :

Thingsee PRESENCE, Thingsee ENVIRONMENT & ENVIRONMENT RUGGED, Thingsee BEAM, Thingsee AIR, Thingsee ANGLE, Thingsee LEAKAGE.

Please note that your selection can include maximum of 2 Thingsee AIR devices.

Read more about Thingsee IoT devices here.

Use case examples

Thingsee AIRMonitor CO2 and TVOC levels, temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light
Thingsee BEAMFill rate monitoring for paper, towel and soap dispensers and trash cans
Thingsee BEAMStorage fill rates
Thingsee ENVIRONMENTMonitor temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light levels
Thingsee ENVIRONMENTMonitor open/closed position of doors/windows
Thingsee ENVIRONMENT/Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGEDMachine usage rates, vibration and impact
Thingsee ANGLEMonitor manual valve’s open/closed position
Thingsee PRESENCEOccupancy monitoring for desks, meeting rooms and phone booths
Thingsee PRESENCEVisitor counting
Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGEDMonitor temperature in harsh conditions like outdoors
Thingsee LEAKAGEMonitor leakages
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