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We’re not just looking to add to our headcount, we’re looking for the right people. We want our employees to be a part of our story and Haltian feel like the workplace they’ve always wanted.

We want you to have the spark to go beyond what is already there. In return, we give you loyalty. We make sure you have everything you need to shine and succeed: modern working facilities, health insurance, recreation possibilities, lunch benefits, a free massage service, and much more.

Being one of us stands for wellbeing and personal growth. When you are trusted with the right kind of challenges, surrounded by creative and inspiring people, you can grow. We know we have what it takes to be one of the best. Do you?

The world is changing. Don’t just settle for following the development. Be ahead of it.

Being one of us


Ari Korva

RF Principal Engineer

Pasi Leipälä approached me in October 2012 and asked if I’d be interested in joining Haltian. The plans for the company and the responsibilities that he had in mind seemed interesting and challenging enough so I agreed to join the team, not least to give my wife some rest from my constant pottering around the house.
My educational background is in electrical power engineering (BSc) and telecommunications engineering (MSc). At Haltian I’m responsible for leading the RF team in some projects and acting as an RF consultant in others. I also mentor trainees in their thesis work. I’d say that my biggest asset to this company is my extensive knowledge on and wide experience in different RF systems, which are based on a sixteen-year career on the subject.
I can honesty say that I’ve enjoyed my time at Haltian. The tasks that we’re given are related to all kinds of projects, so they’re varied and demanding enough to keep the job interesting. You’re also constantly learning something new. I also get to travel in my work, but not so much that it becomes tiring. And if it sometimes does, I can trust my colleagues to get me back in good mood. The company is still relatively small and the organisation flat enough to keep the red tape to minimum: I can easily walk up to the CEO or the chairman of the board if I have something on my mind. Everyone is very driven to make the company succeed.
Lastly, something you might not have expected: I’ve sometimes dabbled in writing code, but let’s keep that just between us so that my reputation as an RF guru isn’t compromised.

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Tomi Hautala

Senior Mechanics Engineer

I’m one of the two people that were hired first to work for Haltian. I’d left my previous job a couple of weeks before Mika Gröhn’s call about joining the company. The less-than-formal job interview was done at a Teboil service station, and I started my work at Haltian in November 2012.
Before Haltian, I’ve worked as a research assistant at the University of Oulu, and after graduating with an MSc in Mechanical engineering I continued as a research worker for about a year and a half. I then joined Nokia Mobile Phones as a mechanics designer and worked there for almost seven years until 2012. At Haltian my responsibility is to design the mechanics in both client and in-house projects.
Having been here almost from the start, it’s been interesting to see the change from just a small group of people working closely together into a real business. Which is not to say that the collaboration isn’t close nowadays: I know all my team members well, and it’s been a real pleasure getting all of them under the same roof, not to mention the distinct advantage of having HW, SW and mechanics teams working side by side within yelling distance from each other.
All in all, I really like working at Haltian. You get to have your say on what you do and your opinions are valued and asked for. The processes are in place to ensure quality and not make your work less effective, so you can freely exercise your creativity and problem solving skills. And there are always cookies in the coffee room.
An interesting factoid: I’m really a leftie although I play guitar and golf like a right-handed person.

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Erja Kähkönen

Specialist, SW

My educational background is in Information technology, software technology in particular, where I hold a BSc. I started my working history as an R&D engineer in SW development and SW system testing, but soon found my passion for quality and process development tasks and moved to working in mobile device SW quality and process development. After a long period of SW quality management work I made a move to work as a product quality manager responsible for SW and UX issues in product programs.

I participated TestPRO SW testing course 2014 and came as an SW testing intern to Haltian. My tasks were in customer program as a tester and to define test processes for Haltian. Course was 6 moths long and during that time Haltian as a company and all the people working here came familiar to me. I have been working here ever since doing lot of SW testing, organizing customer pilots and other interesting things.

Everyone I’ve met at Haltian has been quite open and nice, and they’ve warmly welcomed me to the team. It’s easy to talk to people and co-operation works really well, too. I’d say the best things about the company are my work, the people and atmosphere that we have here. If you want to work with expert professionals on interesting new challenges, and in a relaxed environment, Haltian is the right place for you.

Something unexpected: During the summer season I try to move from A to B with my Harley Davison, and my plan and wish is to get some beehives set up some day in a future for the production of honey.

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