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We combine our passion for innovation, engineering curiosity, and extensive knowledge to deliver technology that simply works. Integrity and fairness are our foundations and our customers’ trust is the cornerstone in everything we do. As a united team, we look out for each other and build meaningful connections everywhere in the world, enjoying every moment.

Our technology enables the transformation of spaces into smarter, sustainable environments. Boosting efficiency and work-life quality for our customers–improving the everyday.

Together, we are not just ready for the future, we are defining it.

Our core values


We combine our passion, engineering curiosity, and extensive knowledge to deliver technology that simply works.


Our company is built on integrity. Fairness and honesty are the cornerstones. We consistently earn the trust of our valued customers.


We’re a united team that cares for each other. Together, we’re unstoppable. Confidently setting the standard in the industry.

  • This is our story

    From a startup to global IoT player

    Founded in September 2012, Haltian emerged as an idea of five pioneering minds, experts hailing from Nokia’s product development team. In Oulu, Finland, known for its technology legacy, Haltian swiftly evolved into a haven for top-tier engineering talent, and Haltian story began.

    Initially conceived as a product development and design house, our triumphs included the ground-breaking Oura smart ring, cementing our reputation in innovative engineering. During our journey, we learned about the market and discovered a need for full-scale IoT solutions for real estate. This ignited a spark that gave foray into our own IoT product family, which led our direction into a global IoT house. Another milestone was reached in 2020 with the inclusion of Empathic Building, forging partnerships with global companies in the realm of IoT and smart buildings.

    During this evolution, our focus has crystallized. Today, we’re at the vanguard of IoT solutions, bringing better spaces and a sustainable future to warehouses, logistics, hospitals, and office spaces. Yet, our ethos remains rooted in our engineering core, as we continue to make impossible easy in custom IoT projects as well.

  • What does Haltian mean?

    Reach the highest peak

    The words halti and haltia have a lot of meaning in the Finnish language, connected to nature and mythology. In Finnish folklore, haltia is a guarding and protecting spirit. These spirits were the guardians of different realms in the home and nature. Haltias help and guide people to achieve what they want or get through difficult situations, making them a meaningful part of Finnish stories and culture.

    Halti is also the name of the highest peak in Finland, and the Halti mountain is situated in Lapland. In old stories, the Lapland mountains were believed to be ancient, frozen giants, and Halti was their leader.

    So, our very name suggests that we aspire to guide and help our customers toward their highest peaks of success.

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