Thingsee products combine top class IoT hardware with end-to-end software from cloud services to user applications.
Thingsee IoT product family with devices and IoT applications

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What makes Thingsee the best in market

Simpler solution

Out-of- the box solution that gets you results fast. We make IoT easy!

Secure and robust

We apply the best IoT security practices, which are validated and approved by our customers and partners.

Connect to your systems with ease

“The first solution I don’t need to fight to integrate with” – said by one of our customers!

  • Everything you need for your IoT solution

    A complete data collection solution

    Thingsee IoT Solution Suite manages all your data points. You get desired data through Thingsee API and we take care of all processes related to your IoT data gathering, device maintenance and updates. It’s IoT made easy!

  • Thingsee IoT Operations Cloud

    Full scale cloud services

    Haltian operations include full-scale cloud services that take care of your device inventory diagnostics and data reliability. 24/7 device connectivity with uninterrupted cellular connectivity, automated alerts, and configurable alert schemas.

    Security is also something we take incredibly seriously. Thingsee development principle is that “Security is not something that you can add as a final step in your product development phase. Instead, it must be part of product manufacturing, design, and development from day one.” Everything is developed and hosted by Haltian and tested continuously for maximum security and privacy.

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