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Whether you want to improve employee experience, implement a data-driven building business or designing your dream product to conquer the world, working with Haltian offers you a great partnership for technology, business, and customer satisfaction.

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You want the best tools, skills and know-how in your team. Our team has created some of the world’s most influential, revolutionary products and solutions that are easy to use and scale.

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You want your solution to be future-proof, long-lasting, and it has to be intuitive, look and feel great too. Everything we create is made with the highest quality and the best technologies in the world.

Impossible things made easy

We understand your business objectives in addition to functional requirements. We use agile methods and fast, low-investment pilots to help you validate your case before going in at a larger scale.

safe return to office solution for Subsea7 with Empathic Building Digital twin

Return to office solution for Subsea 7 with Empathic Building digital twin

Read how our Return to Office Solution made it possible for Subsea 7 to ensure their workers’ safety at their Stavanger campus area.

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