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Haltian wants to positively impact our increasingly connected world by bravely pursuing the most challenging ideas and turning them into successful solutions.

Haltian created an out-of-box IoT device platform solution for selected segments to help companies digitalize their services, add business value and optimise operations. Get scalable and secure sensors, gateways, connectivity, and device management solution on a single SLA.

We also use our knowledge in product development services to customise a device within our platform or to create a completely new and standalone product.

Haltian iot solutions

Scale up your pilot to a commercial solution with our cost-efficient and secure IoT device platform.

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product development

We have top designers, engineers and developers so that you can conquer the market with world-class products

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thingsee iot devices

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Smart Washroom

Smart Washroom

We digitalize washrooms from towel and soap refill optimization to managing washroom cleaning operations via our service. It generates benefits for all stakeholders. The solution has been installed in airports, shopping malls, hospitality industry, offices, gas stations, healthcare, education and industrial environments among many others.

get On demand cleaning

Smart facilities

Smart facilities

A clever solution to improve workforce wellbeing and productivity. Get data for air quality, occupancy rates of rooms and workstations, visitor counting and container fill rates. This solution has been applied to industries such as healthcare, facility management, banking & financing, hospitality, commercial real state, offices and data centres.

optimize your facility

smart factory

smart factory

Wireless monitoring solution for factories with 90% lower costs. You can remotely monitor hand valves, machine usage rate, storage fill rates, atmospheric characteristics and asset tracking. Applicable to paper & pulp, process automation, water and wastewater, food & beverages, electricity and electronics production industries.

mitigate risks and reduce operations costs

product development

product development

With a vast knowledge and experience in product development, your pioneer idea is our best playground. Under our portfolio, we have smart rings, 360 degrees and action cameras, wearables, GPS traction devices, smart glasses, steam VR and healthcare instruments. Our capabilities go from design and functionality, to concept design to productization.

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