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Connected solutions for successful businesses

Impossible things made easy

We pursue the most challenging ideas and turn them into successful solutions and services.

We have simple but holistic solutions based on our hardware and software for buildings such as offices and hospitals. They can be found under solutions. If you have your own building application and just need data to populate it, our Thingsee ecosystem is the perfect IoT device platform for you. Find more information under smart buildings services and products.

On the other hand, if you want to create a completely new product of any size or shape that consists of electronics with wireless connectivity and needs miniaturization and power consumption optimization we can help you too. With our extensive knowledge in product design and new product development, we can create a new product or we can customise one based on our Thingsee portfolio.


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Smart solutions

Haltian smart solutions are ready packages of hardware and software focused on solving the end-user problems and for a specific use case and sectors. Learn more about our smart solutions for offices, hospitals, return back to the office and other buildings.

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Haltian Smart Buildings

Smart building services

Haltian offers a cost-effective, modular, reliable and flexible service for smart buildings. Collect data on your building’s occupancy, visitors, air quality and environmental conditions.

Get actionable insights from data for activity-based working, space improvements maintenance and optimization, room & desk booking and workplace analytics.

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Haltian product design studio - impossible things made easy

New product development services

Get funded, launch a new product, go public! We do more than engineering. From concept to success: We design, engineer, and develop your product and help you manufacture and launch it worldwide.

We design and develop any connected products from scratch or use our existing IoT assets for you to run your business faster. From a simple concept design to complete product lifecycle services.

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Full stack IoT platform for customized IoT devices and solutions

Custom IoT services

Building a customized IoT solution with Haltian is fast, cost-efficient and affordable. With us, you’ll get a world-class product development team, and a hosted IoT platform and ecosystem as a service, so that you can focus on your business development and we take care of the IoT technology.

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Work with us

Making impossible easy

Whether you’re implementing a data-driven smart building business or designing your dream product to conquer the world, working with Haltian offers you a great partnership for technology, business, and customer satisfaction.

We make things happen

You want the best skills and knowhow in your team. Our engineers and designers have created some of the world’s most influential, revolutionary products that scale to millions of devices and bring their experience to solve your challenges.

We challenge the best

You want your solution to be future-proof, long-lasting, and it has to look and feel great too. Everything we create is made with the highest possible quality in materials and software and the best technologies in the world.

Impossible things made easy

We understand your business objectives in addition to functional requirements. We use agile methods and fast, low-investment pilots to help you validate your case before going in at a larger scale.

c-thru-thermal camera device product development

C-THRU Navigator – Ground-breaking Visual Communication and Personal Navigation platform

C-THRU is an amazing visual communication platform designed for firefighters and others doing critical work in challenging environments. Read how Haltian helped Qwake Technologies create this life-saving device.

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Get to know us

Discover Haltian’s story and learn about our values and mission. We value experience and welcome new talents. Our team is our strongest asset!

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