The Art of Visionary Engineering

We want to stay on the front line of technology development. We urge our employees to continuously learn about new technologies and ready themselves for designing and developing new and revolutionary products.

From the start Haltian has promoted a culture that embraces new ideas and their realization, and Visionary Labs is our venue for that. Visionary Labs has three tasks: keeping our personnel highly motivated, the creation of new IPR, and the creation of references in order to leverage our marketing with innovations. We also take part in several research programs.

At Visionary Labs, we design platforms and products that are compatible with our customer’s innovations; that is how we can reach the market more rapidly and efficiently than other companies. Moreover, a developing patent portfolio allows us to improve our market position by limiting the competitiveness other industry players. A patent portfolio is tangible evidence of the technical expertise and commitment to development that we have instilled into Haltian.

Visionary Labs Posts

Passion of making things possible

18.4.2017 by Heini Tuorila

THE ROLE THAT FITS. Looking at Pertti Kujala, Mechanics Lead in Haltian, stereotypical thoughts about engineers are instantly taken for a quick check-up. He’s not the quiet type. He’s not a mild thinker, trudging onwards. He wears nothing but bright colors. And he talks about his passion all the time, pointing out little details that complete a design, or the immense focus he has on his work.
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Fresh thinking

4.6.2014 by Harri Partanen

One key ingredient for a thriving workplace is a rich blend of people with different competences and backgrounds. This makes the company ready to identify and adapt to new challenges, when opinions and viewpoints are challenged to come up with something new and thrilling.
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Fighting the good fight

15.1.2014 by Heini Tuorila

It's funny how easily your child-like imagination and innovation can be killed in big companies and complex matrix organisations. Trying to sell your ideas uphill, you get depressed by the multiple no-can-dos from different managerial levels.
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Seeing things on Thingsee

19.11.2013 by Ville Ylläsjärvi

This is the first of many blog posts on Haltian visionary labs activities and projects. We have recently been shaping our mode of operations to get the Labs team efficient and functional.
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