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Future Fairway Navigation is one of the research projects of the Sea For Value (S4V) research program. S4VF is part of DIMECC and One Sea ecosystems with the goal to advance the automation of maritime.


DIMECC: Embracing Digital Disruption

Digitalization and increased level of autonomy in transport continue to progress and develop. With their help, it is possible to create safer, more efficient, sustainable, and reliable service chains. Through the improvement of the present operations, it would be possible to achieve good life and global prosperity. Digital disruption has already reached the maritime industry too. The port-to-port logistics chain is changing towards autonomous logistics operations. For the ones unprepared, it poses threats and uncertainties. For the those who are ready, it carries significant value potential.

DIMECC is an open company, owned by forerunning companies in manufacturing and technology, as well as research organizations. DIMECC stands for Digital, Internet, Materials and Engineering as well as Co-Creation. DIMECC was founded in 2008 to assist companies in conducting strategic research and developing new technologies. Since 2016, the promotion and utilization of digitization and the creation of new business have played a key role. Its network consists of 2.000+ R&D&I professionals, 400+ organizations, 66 shareholders and 10+ co-creation facilitators. DIMECC’s role in technology innovation is to help companies resolve challenges related to high-risk research activities, disruptive business transformation, and capability development needs by offering focused co-creation services.

One Sea Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem

DIMECC’s co-creation ecosystem One Sea aims to create a new industrial standard for marine traffic and to lead the way towards an active commercial autonomous ships ecosystem by 2025. One Sea gathers key players of the marine industry in a high-profile ecosystem that speeds up the development process by bringing innovations to market faster. It strategically combines top research, state-of-the-art information technology and business. The ecosystem ensures a well-researched, tested and highly capable autonomous shipping network. It will also set the course for new industrial standards.

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The Main Focus Areas of One Sea’s Mission
one sea roadmap

One Sea’s vision

Towards Autonomous Maritime 2025

The vision of One Sea ecosystem is to create the world’s first autonomous maritime transport system by 2025. The digitalization of marine traffic will create new opportunities for the whole marine industry and pave the way for new business ventures and models, spanning commercial and passenger traffic to raw material freight and cargo handling.

The development of maritime autonomy makes remote operations and remote pilotage a possibility in a near future. Due to this development, the navigational decision-making will become physically distributed.

Today safe navigation is a team effort consisting of the master and crew, pilots, vessel traffic services (VTS), and aids to navigation. Controlling the ship movement in all situations is essential and requires timely decisions as the ships in movement cannot be stopped very fast. As the future decision-making will be physically distributed, there is a need to improve safe navigation of the existing vessels and to lay foundation for autonomous vessels of the future. This need is addressed in DIMECC’s Sea4value Fairway research program.


Sea4Value Fairway Program

The Sea4Value (S4V) is DIMECC’s research program, based on the national Finnish development agenda, with a purpose to achieve One Sea’s vision. Sea4value’s research project – Future Fairway Navigation – aims to improve the safe navigation for existing vessels and to create foundation for the future autonomous vessels.


The project will utilize Finnish maritime industry as an international showcase for providing blueprints towards digitalization, service innovation and information flow in the short to medium term. In the long term, it will prepare for advanced autonomous operations and navigation, realizing One Sea’s vision as a result. The project aims at value creation via smart and autonomous maritime transport, safe channel for existing vessels and future autonomous ships.


Vision of the Sea4Value / Fairway program, is to create a model for safe, sustainable and customer-centric approach for fairway navigation and decision-making environment that benefits existing fleets and lays the foundation for future autonomous vessels. This is done by demonstrating future fairway in two years time.

  • Sense & Acquire

    Enabling Environment

    ▪️ Existing and new tech utilization
    ▪️ Weather information and models
    ▪️ AI/ML models
    ▪️ Sensor fusion for situational awareness
    ▪️ Business model transformation
    ▪️ Digital twins of the fairways
    ▪️ Cost efficient edge processing

  • Transfer

    Data & Communications

    ▪️ Information sharing platform
    ▪️ Cybersecurity
    ▪️ APIs
    ▪️ Standards
    ▪️ 4G/5G, Satellite

  • Analyze & Act

    New Services

    ▪️ Future pilotage concept
    ▪️ Future vessel traffic services (VTS) concept
    ▪️ New Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
    ▪️ Human factors & societal acceptance
    ▪️ Input to regulations

maritime crew simulation centre

Future Fairway Navigation: Project Goals

Realize One Sea Vision
Value for Finnish Companies
Stronger ecosystem

One Sea ecosystem vision is to enable autonomous maritime transport system by 2025. S4VF program demonstrates important intermediate steps and development results towards future smart and autonomous maritime transport system in developing globally scalable blueprints of future fairway services.

Steering the way and being at the forefront of development of intelligent and autonomous maritime technologies enables the first mover advantage for Finnish companies. Capturing the value increases exports of the maritime industry and benefits Finnish export dependent economy.

Joint development of companies and research organizations supported by authorities aim produce internationally exploitable service concepts and boosts creation of new Finnish export products. Development of long-term know-how of advanced smart and autonomous maritime transport is also essential part of future innovation.

This not only limited to One Sea or S4VF program consortia. With stronger ecosystem is meant credible joint action and development between companies & research organizations strengthens the ecosystem and fosters continued collaboration between industry and academia nationally and internationally.

Finland is a maritime nation. About 90% of its exports and 80% of its imports are carried by sea. The high proportion of foreign trade transported by sea makes it essential that sea routes are well-functioning, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communication (LVM)

Project Collaboration Partners


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governmental partners


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Project duration: 01/02/2020 – 01/01/2022
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