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Smart facilities services created for agile deployments

Thingsee offers a cost-effective data collection solution for smart facilities with full integration to your cloud system. Re-allocate financial and human resources to your core business lines and critical functions while Haltian handles the data collection and transmission layer.

Thingsee data collection platform is built with security and privacy as its main priority. Still, it is easy to install and scale with the same agility as your project. We provide the integration to your cloud platform, the data you need and ensure the continuity of its transmission so that you can focus on creating added value services to your clients.


Thingsee powers
Tieto Empathic building

Tieto Empathic Building is a human-centric digital service that focuses on improving employee well-being, happiness and increasing individual performance by solving end-user problems. By automating time-consuming and non-productive tasks of communication and administration, it enables and encourages your employees to straight-forward human interaction, collaboration and co-innovation.

“With Haltian Thingsee sensors we can deliver whole service faster than normal ICT project plan is drafted. This gives us real competitive advantage. IoT made easy and work made fun.” 

Tomi Teikko, Head of Tieto Empathic Building service.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”


Thingsee enables your digital transformation. Thingsee platform provides different types of data so that you can improve operational efficiency or create new business models. Our platform is ready out-of-the-box, but it can also be customized to your specific needs.

With our publicly available Thingsee Devices you are able to measure 10 different data types. If you don’t see the data you need it might be because it’s still in our R&D department. Contact us to know if we’re working on the data collecting device you need and when is the release date.


Thingsee data collected part1

Thingsee data collected part2

Get a deeper overview of Thingsee devices and Gateway. Also, download their technical presentation.

Read more about Thingsee devices

Easy and functional platform

Thingsee solutions were created with 4 core principles. It’s easy and simple to start using, it’s functional, handles the maintenance of devices and manages the reliable transmission of data to clients’ cloud platform whichever it might be.

Thingsee solution architecture


Need a more detailed architecture?

Download our Thingsee Reference Architecture. You will get a deeper overview of our platform, all its tools and how easily integrates with your services.




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