Thingsee Smart


Easier and faster way to digitalize your existing production operations

Our Thingsee Smart Production solutions are flexible, quick to install and easy to scale. They come to you end to end integarted, supplied and managed. Improve productivity and safety with Haltian’s customized IoT solutions that can be retrofitted to your existing operations.


Modernize your operation easily and avoid failures in production processes

Our services

Building secure IoT solutions doesn’t get more simple. We take care of your IoT data collection so that you can focus on maximizing the business value.



Our sensors can be utilized in many different industrial settings. Haltian Thingsee sensors are being used to monitor, e.g valve positions, site air quiality, fill rate, water and liquid leakages, and machine usage. In addition, the sensors are used to track assets, precence and predictive maintenance.



“the main point in starting with digitalization, is to start somewhere”

Read about our work with Finland’s transmission system operator, Fingrid:

How IoT solutions can optimize maintenance costs.


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