Co-operation with Finnish postal service Posti

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Haltian announces multi-annual co-operation with Finnish postal service Posti



Self-service post lockers bring things to everyone’s reach – Haltian announces multi-annual co-operation with Finnish postal service Posti to deliver the IoT technology for their self-service post system

The growing number of parcels being sent by post has also increased the need for Posti, Finland’s main postal service, to grow the number of self-service post lockers in Finland and abroad in the coming years. To work properly, this kind of an extensive, automated system requires a light, reliable and easily scalable wireless data transmission solution. Since an off-the-shelf solution did not yet exist, Posti and Finnish IoT company Haltian started a co-operation to develop a new solution. The new self-service lockers are already in use in many places in Finland, and the same system is being used in Posti’s recently launched Box, a huge online store focused retail space in central Helsinki. 

The new system offers more flexibility

Posti has announced earlier that it means to grow the number of self-service post lockers around Finland to 4000 service points by 2022. Each service point has between 30-800 individual lockers. By increasing the number of self-service post lockers, Posti can respond to both the needs of the consumer and the challenges of growing online shopping. The volume of parcels sent through Posti increased by 10% between January and September 2019.

With the new solution provided by Haltian, Posti will get reliable control over the lockers wirelessly. This means more real-time information about the status of the lockers, their use will be more efficient, and the security of the system will be improved. In the future, the wide self-service network will also enable recycling better than ever before.

Haltian’s Thingsee IoT platform takes care of the entire data transmission process from the smart locks to Posti’s own system. In the new solution, the dataflow goes both ways, which enables efficient control over the lockers directly from Posti’s own system. The two-way dataflow will also make customer service faster and more flexible. The lockers can also be filled a lot faster and more easily as the couriers can open the lockers with better control.

Haltian Thingsee IoT solution

Haltian Thingsee IoT solution is based on Mesh network which enables the service’s scalability to hundreds of thousands of lockers. Haltian’s solution is also easy to use and quick to install. The development of the new system included new, wireless smart locks that communicate through Thingsee gateway devices to Thingsee Operations Cloud and from there to Posti’s system.

According to Posti, Haltian was chosen as the IoT partner because of their years of experience with Mesh-based systems and their ready Thingsee solution, which fits Posti’s objectives and needs. In addition to Haltian Posti works with other partners as well.

Goods will travel through self-service post

The number of parcels travelling through Posti’s self-service lockers is growing constantly: The amount increased up to 56 % between January and September 2019.

One of the objectives in adding the number of self-service posts is recycling and sustainability: in the future, the lockers can be used to recycle all kinds of goods from one consumer to another, not just parcels.

“We at Haltian are eager to be a part of developing the technologies of the future, which will enable the sustainability of online shopping. The co-operation with Posti has taken off very well and we are eager to see the solution in use globally”

Pasi Leipälä, CEO & Co-founder, Haltian

Posti smart lockers

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About Posti Group

Posti is the main Finnish postal and logistics service company. The core of our business includes postal services, parcels, freight and logistics solutions. We have the most comprehensive service network in the country and on weekdays we visit about three million households and companies. We operate in nine different countries. Our net sales in 2018 amounted to 1,6 billion euros and we have around 20 000 employees.

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