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Haltian Announces Thingsee Solution Suite to Simplify IoT Integration by Introducing Efficient Enterprise Applications

The advent of IoT has enabled companies to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive higher profit margins. However, according to Gartner, half of the companies’ IoT solution spending goes into complex integrations made up of sensors, software, connectivity, and Cloud platforms. Haltian’s new Thingsee Solution Suite now shortcuts these technology layers – and seamlessly integrates the sensors and customizable enterprise applications into a fully-maintained service package. Now, companies can quickly onboard the entire organization and assets into a lean, always-connected operational model.

Oulu, Finland, 13th Nov 2019: Avoid complicated technology solutions – Haltian Oy, the innovative global IoT, and product development company now offers the Thingsee Solution Suite for enterprises and service providers to integrate their assets, workforce, and business processes into a lean, always-connected organization.

According to the analyst firm Gartner, half of the costs of implementing IoT solutions is spent on integrating IoT components with each other and back-end systems, reducing the Return on Investment.

Haltian’s new concept hides the complex technology layers and simply provides the companies the sensors, role-based mobile applications for the field staff, dashboards for the management, and the end-to-end business process – needed to run a professional enterprise organization, and industrial services with efficiency.

The Thingsee Solution Suite is fully maintained by Haltian to ensure 24/7 availability. Its plug-and-play design principle means that the entire organization and the assets can be on-boarded quickly to embark on the lean and always-connected operational model.

All the components in Thingsee Solution Suite can be easily customized for each specific organization. The companies can scale up the solution up to millions of devices, simply by adding more sensors and staff members as their business grows.

The Thingsee platform uses the Amazon Web Services Cloud technologies and is fully developed and maintained by Haltian. The full-stack ownership translates into a highly robust and secure IoT platform that has been field-proven by several global industries.

The solution pricing is made up of an initial investment cost and recurring monthly license fee.

“IoT is the key for any enterprises and global service providers to drive higher efficiency in their businesses. However, more often than not, complex IoT technology integrations eats up the economic gains. Our Thingsee IoT Solution Suite allows customers to focus on their core business – to operate and deliver services with efficiency, instead of tinkering with IoT technologies”.

Janne Kilpeläinen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Haltian

“The minimized initial investment is combined with a monthly recurring license model, and makes the costs predictable, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for our customers”

Janne Kilpeläinen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Haltian

How does the Thingsee Solution Suite work?

The Thingsee Solution Suite has been designed to deliver the ultimate simplicity for enterprise organizations and service providers, from the start to the completion of their service journey.

The operational model in the IoT Solution Suite consists of four different operational roles. Each of whom has a dedicated application that is designed based on the tasks the role typically has to carry out as part of the operational process.

This is the high-level process overview, the roles, and the applications:

1. Admin – Haltian is the administrator of the enterprise accounts – taking care of setting up and configuring the profiles and maintaining the platform 24/7

2. Planner – Using a desktop application, the planner creates and manages all operative roles in the enterprise profile, including the planner, technician, insight, and solution end-user. The planner also plans the field operations and creates job orders for various installations and maintenance tasks.

3. Technician – Technicians are provided a dedicated mobile application to smoothly carry out the field jobs – including validating the wireless sensor network, installing new sensors, checking and acknowledging installations, and maintenance tasks related to the assigned job orders. The technicians can download the mobile application online.

4. Solution End-user – The Solution End-users are provided a solution specific mobile application, which shows them the assigned jobs that need to be taken care of. They can acknowledge the completed jobs and send feedback to the planner. The field service staff can download the Solution End-user mobile application online.

5. Insight – Service managers can optimize the system, service, and business – based on the enriched data and analytics provided by the insight web dashboard. The dashboard displays the sensor data in graphs across the organization with set alarm levels.

Haltian will showcase Thingsee Solution Suite at tech event Slush at Haltian’s event booth 7B.7


About Haltian

Haltian has been providing device manufacturers with world-class product design and engineering services since 2012. Thingsee, the proven IoT technology platform developed by Haltian, enables faster IoT launches for mass-scale deployments. In 2018, Haltian was heralded by research leader Gartner to be a Cool Vendor for its IoT services, and 2019 Haltian became an AWS Advanced Technology Partner as well as AWS IoT competency certified platform partner. Haltian is behind many of the global signature products, such as the Oura health ring. Its design for the Specim IQ hyperspectral imaging device won the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2018. For more information, visit: https://haltian.com and https://www.thingsee.com

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Janne Kilpeläinen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Haltian Oy, +358 (0)40 543 459 8, janne.kilpelainen@haltian.com