Haltian brings Internet of Things to 5G Era

Haltian team designing

Finnish Haltian Launches New NB-IoT/LTE-M device and reference platform and 3D indoor positioning to Thingsee IoT Platform to accelerate IoT market development

Today Haltian launched two new products at Thingsee IoT Summit event in Helsinki. Haltian has built a complete NB1/M1 solution for advanced network technology and operator customers as well as companies aiming to enter NB-Iot market in the future. In addition to devices Haltian announced new 3D positioning engine to support indoor navigation and asset tracking application development with Thingsee IoT Platform.

Thingsee NB-IoT LTE-M Device on a table
Thingsee NB-IoT LTE-M Device

Thingsee Mobile NB1/M1 Gateway is a first step towards 5G for Haltian

Narrowband IoT is making waves around the industry. Low power connectivity that works everywhere opens up totally new possibilities for IoT application and services development. Real-time tracking use cases, widely distributed solutions will enjoy a massive life time cost reduction.

Thingsee Mobile NB1/M1 Gateway is designed for new enterprise applications. Haltian´s customers can now easily test and develop new NB-IoT networks and network technologies around the world, as well as build new NB-IoT based products and services faster based on pre-integrated Thingsee reference design.

The device includes connectivity, a predefined set of sensors for fast and efficient testing and is wrapped up in robust mechanics. Already a handful of early access corporate customers are using the device to build new applications, test networks and network technology towards a widespread NB-IoT rollout.

In Gateway mode the Mobile NB1/M1 device allows for additional sensors to be added wirelessly which makes it ideal for logistics and asset tracking operations.

Existing devices get new technology

Existing Bluetooth based Thingsee sensor devices also enjoyed an upgrade. On top of the leading Wirepas Mesh technology the devices will also now  support Bluetooth, iBeacon and Eddystone protocols and allow for completely new opportunities for Thingsee-based solution rollouts.

“We have a very good position in this rapidly growing market. Our existing devices have reached a lot of customers that want to build their IoT in a smart way, eg getting complete data layer solutions that simply work. Our new devices and service show that we also want to stay at the front of 5G market development to better serve our customer in these new markets.” says Pasi Leipälä, Haltian Co-Founder and CEO

Asset tracking market is one of the fastest growing IoT Markets. Haltian brings 3D indoor positioning to new IoT solutions.

Thingsee IoT platform now supports the positioning of assets.Typically the asset location tracking has been two dimensional, but Haltian has managed to bring the third dimension to the game. The new 3D positioning engine allows for efficient real time positioning of assets in business operations.

“The system builds a three dimensional topology of the assets and allows for customers to include location to the data sets they get from Thingsee IoT Platform. Building a new indoor positioning framework to the solutions is easy. all Thingsee devices and Gateways are wireless and plug & play compatible, so expanding new solutions is a breeze. The first customer solutions are now under development and expected to be public within the year 2018.” Leipala states.

Haltian opens up a new office in Helsinki region in Finland

Haltian expands operations to cover Finland and central Europe better. In addition to a new location the Helsinki office is planned to enhance Haltian´s consulting and creative capabilities, as well as improve customer relationships. “Many of the current customers are located in Helsinki so  this new office helps us even better serve our customers” Pasi Leipälä explains.

Haltian hires one of the top experts in industrial IoT rollouts to join the team and lead southern Finland office. Tom Lindgren joins Haltian effective 1st of April 2018. Tom brings a breadth of experience in real life solution creation. In the past Tom has worked at Nokia and Samsung to mention a few.

More information:

Pasi Leipälä, Co-Founder & CEO, Haltian Oy p. +35840 543 4579 pasi.leipala@haltian.com

Ville Ylläsjärvi, Co-Founder – Marketing, Haltian Oy p. +35850 486 9981 ville.yllasjarvi@haltian.com

Haltian in Short:

Haltian Oy designs and develops premium quality products and integrates new SW & Services to global high-profile companies. Haltian´s Thingsee IoT devices platform provides a proven starting point for efficient IoT creation and operations. Haltian was founded in 2012 in Oulu, Finland.