Haltian closes USD 5 Million $ (Euro 4,5M$) funding round at Slush 2018

Haltian team designing

Haltian closes USD 5 Million $ (Euro 4,5M€) funding round at Slush 2018 to accelerate enterprise IoT solutions business on it´s Thingsee IoT Platform

Finnish VC company Inventure leads USD 5 Million $ (4,5 M€ ) funding round to Haltian by investing  3 million euros, followed by a group of existing and new investors. Haltian expects rapid growth and the investment is meant to multiple the company revenues within next years. The company aims at becoming the leading solution provider in selected enterprise IoT markets.

Easy to scale commercial IoT solutions

Haltian offers a unique data collection solution to Enterprise digitalization projects. As an expert in both IoT hardware and software and the developer of Thingsee IoT platform Haltian can enable new commercial IoT solutions to market faster and with readily optimized value. This complete “solution in a box” business model allows enterprise customers to grasp the value potential of their new digital business opportunity and base investments on validated business value. With the help of Haltian Product Development Services and available Thingsee technology portfolio customers can launch new custom solutions to new verticals faster than ever before.

Strong Growth expected on focus vertical markets

Haltian has put a lot of focus into sales and marketing during 2018 and grown IoT business by 1500% yoy. This has resulted in tens of new customer projects and many new commercial solutions are expected to launch in scale during 2019. “Our strategy where we focus on smart washrooms, offices and production facilities allows us to serve selected large enterprises well and grow fast in a controlled manner. Globally Commercial IoT is just about to take off, so our timing seems to be optimal with our hardware, software and services offering.” Says Pasi Leipälä, CEO and Co-Founder at Haltian.

Inventure Managing Director Sami Lampinen says “we have followed Haltian closely for many years as they collaborate with some of our high-tech portfolio companies. Haltian´s Thingsee is a very promising opportunity and we are delighted to invest now when the solutions are gaining strong traction in markets worldwide. Haltian has a strong team, a growing technology portfolio and a solid business model for the market at this point. I strongly believe Inventure can help Haltian grow into one of the leading IoT companies on the planet.

Contact information:

Pasi Leipälä, CEO & Co-Founder, Haltian Oy p. +35840 pasi.leipala@haltian.com

Sami Lampinen, Partner, Managing director, Inventure p. +358 40 5205295 sami.lampinen@inventure.fi


Haltian Ltd. is a Product Development and IoT services company based in Oulu, Finland. Founded in 2012 Haltian now employs more than 70 IoT and product making experts. Haltian develops a complete IoT platform and devices under Thingsee brand and is endorsed a 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor in IoT Services



About Inventure

We are a Nordic technology fund backing early-stage entrepreneurs. Having our roots in Finland, we enjoy domains in deep tech, IoT, UX/UI and personalized healthcare. The strong capital base of €250m allows us to lead investments starting from initial seed-stage all the way through expansion. We operate from offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.