Haltian Corporation founds subsidiary for Thingsee

Haltian team designing

Haltian Oy, a company based Oulu, Finland specialising in the development and productisation of wireless technology, has founded a new subsidiary Thingsee Oy. At the same time the company launches a web store at Thingsee.com to enable Thingsee One sales to European and American markets.

Thingsee designs and manufactures wireless electronic devices for Internet of Things developers. Thingsee One, the company’s flagship product available at the web store, is the world’s first everyman’s smart developer device that comes ready out-of-box. Beta shipments for the device have already started for the first users, with orders coming from 35 different countries. The finalised device will start shipping during summer 2015.

Thingsee Oy

Thingsee will be lead by a versatile and talented team of people. Pasi Jokinen has been appointed CEO of Thingsee, and he joins the company from the CEO role at SW developers Workflower. Thingsee founder Ville Ylläsjärvi continues a member of the board of directors, as well as in an operative leadership role in marketing and product development. Anu Lapola will lead the company’s operative actions, and Kari Kujala has been appointed as sales manager responsible for establishing Thingsee’s global sales channels.

”The new subsidiary will help Haltian focus on design service work and also best facilitates the Thingsee One product launch and the growth of Thingsee”, comments Pasi Leipälä, CEO of Haltian and chairman of the board at Thingsee. In the early stages, Haltian will finance Thingsee operations but the objective is to seek funding also outside Haltian Group during 2015 for establishing international operations.

Thingsee One

The ultra-modern IoT developer device Thingsee One has extensive connectivity, with GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 built in, and is equipped with a variety of sensors and high-grade mechanics. The robust, shock and water resistant device is designed for mobile use through cellular connectivity, and can be used in remote locations with no power source: with optimized power consumption the battery can last up to a year.

Thingsee One enables the quick creation and deployment of new IoT and sensor-based applications. The product is initially targeted at electronics enthusiasts and software developers who seek to build new IoT solutions quickly and efficiently. Thingsee One is now available for pre-order at thingsee.com.

For more information, please contact:

Pasi Leipälä
CEO, Haltian Oy
+358 40 5434579, pasi.leipala@haltian.com

Pasi Jokinen
CEO, Thingsee Oy
+358 45 6767040, pasi.jokinen@haltian.com

About Haltian

Haltian is a visionary engineering house with world-class talent in high technology electronics design and productisation. We can design and develop any kind of connected device, and our expertise ranges from miniaturized mechanics combined with sensors and radio technology to high quality software, all incorporated in a beautiful user experience. With a current headcount of almost 80 talented professionals we are the fastest growing company in Northern Finland. Find more at www.haltian.com

About Thingsee

Thingsee, a subsidiary for Haltian focuses on the design and global distribution of Internet of Things devices. During spring 2015 Thingsee will recruit up to ten new people to its team in order to grow its business, with very positive estimates of growth potential. For more information, visit www.thingsee.com