Haltian received Growth Company 2023 certificate

Kauppalehti Growth company 2023 Haltian

Haltian has been recognized as one of Finland’s Growth Companies of 2023. The certificate is given by Finland’s leading business media, Kauppalehti.

growth company certificate 2023

The certificate is granted to businesses that have

  • Been in business for at least four years
  • Increased its turnover significantly in the last three years
  • A significant increase in turnover indicates that the annual growth of the company’s turnover has exceeded the average growth figures of the sector by at least 10 percent
  • Made a turnover of at least 500,000 euros during the last year

On April 2023 Haltian announced its new 22 million euro growth funding, which is used to accelerate the company’s expansion in the US and Europe. “At Haltian, our mission is deeply rooted in making working life smoother,” said Pasi Leipälä, the CEO and one of the co-founders of Haltian. “This mission has resonated with our clients. We are excited to continue to deliver cutting-edge IoT solutions that help our clients thrive in the digital age, make better data-driven decisions, and ultimately contribute to building a more sustainable future.”

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