Haltian strengthens its Board of Directors

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Experienced marketing and digital sales professional, Ulla Koivula, joins Haltian’s Board of Directors. The appointment supports Haltian’s growth strategy in the global market.

We at Haltian are delighted to announce the appointment of Ulla Koivula to our board of directors starting from 31.5.2022. Ulla will bring strong know-how to our development of digital customer processes, brand building and data-driven marketing.

“I’m very excited that Ulla is joining us, bringing her vast experience in marketing with her. This appointment will support our growth in the global markets and help us make Haltian known everywhere in the world”, Haltian CEO, Pasi Leipälä, comments. 

Ulla has over 25 years of experience in marketing and communication as well as in digital sales. Ulla’s previous positions include the Commercial Director of Internationalization at the Swedish Magine TV, the Marketing Director of Telia Mobile, Director of Online Business at Talentum and Founder of pay-tv providers in Finland. Ulla has graduated from the University of Vaasa.

In the past few years, Ulla has worked as the Marketing Director and founding member of Moi Mobiili mobile service operator.

Ulla Koivula joins Haltian Board of Directors

”I’m extremely happy to join this board. I’ve always been interested in technology and technology marketing. Technology can be very complex and it’s fascinating to bring it closer to people”, Ulla comments. “IoT touches our everyday lives and Haltian is on a journey to bringing its solutions closer to people. I think I can learn from Haltian’s top-class engineers and hope that they can learn from me as well during our journey. I think Haltian’s management is very progressive in seeing marketing as an important part of their business growth and wanting to bring marketing views to the Board of Directors as well,” she adds.