Haltian at the top of Uniscore IoT sensor provider overview

Uniscore IoT sensor provider report 2021

Haltian has ranked number one IoT sensor provider in Unissu’s UniScore sensor provider overview with our Thingsee IoT devices and platform.

UniScore helping to navigate the world of IoT hardware

UniScore reports cover the entire global PropTech industry. The UniScore IoT sensor provider report ranks 20 companies offering IoT devices in the smart building sector. Unissu’s UniScore reports are based on Unissu’s data about the PropTech vendors on their platform and how users interact with them. The reports are made to help people find the right partners and solutions for their business. The score is based on engagement, discovery, security (funding and age) and the vendors’ UniScore on the platform.

Haltian sensor solution providers IoT solutions for a variety of use cases

Haltian ranking at the top of the report shows that Haltian solutions are gaining a lot of visibility on the Unissu platform by offering a wide range of solutions to many different IoT use cases. Eddie Homes, CEO of Unissu writes: “In a sign of things to come for the emergent PropTech industry, it is a Finnish company which leads the pack for its sensors. In itself, this is not unusual, but the fact that Haltian also offers a range of other solutions is. As the industry matures it will become more and more common to see vendors which can offer a full stack of products and solutions cementing their place as market leaders.”

Find the report on the Unissu website.

For Haltian, this ranking is a sign that our IoT solutions are answering the customer’s demands on the market. “This shows that our strategy of building truly end-to-end, wireless IoT solutions that are easy to use and scalable has been the correct direction.” Haltian VP of Sales and Marketing, Janne Kilpeläinen comments. “Our IoT offering varies from IoT devices that our customer can integrate to their own solutions to ready smart office solutions with our Empathic Building digital twin.” He continues.

All Haltian IoT devices and gateways on a table

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