Milton Keynes University Hospital partners with Haltian to pilot a new Empathic Building smart hospital solution

Milton Keynes University Hospital's Empathic Building smart hospital digital twin

Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) is piloting the Haltian Empathic Building Smart Hospital Solution to support and facilitate a productive and efficient service for their patients as well as make data-driven decisions on space usage. The solution includes utilization monitoring of rooms and other spaces as well as location data of critical equipment.

MKUH is the first National Health Service (NHS) hospital in the UK to pilot Haltian’s new solution in a bid to better understand the way that they work, enabling teams to use data and insights to improve how services are delivered to patients and ultimately, enhancing both the care and experience they receive. Milton Keynes University Hospital aims to test new technologies in an agile way. The first stage of the pilot is the Hospital Campus Cancer Centre.

”This data will allow us to make more informed decisions for the way that we work, ensuring that we have the right people and solutions in place at the right time.” Claire Orchard, Digital & Information Manager at Milton Keynes University Hospital comments.

The Smart Hospital Solution includes the Empathic Building digital twin of the building, from which the users can find the needed information fast. The digital twin shows, for example, the occupancy information of rooms, and the fill rate status of hand and paper towel dispensers in the washrooms.

With this pilot, MKUH joins Haltian’s smart hospital community which aims to bring hospitals together to share their experiences and knowledge using new technologies in healthcare.

“As populations get older, the future of healthcare needs new solutions. We need to rethink how we can take care of patients better and in a more efficient way. In our smart hospital community, we connect the hospitals, so they can share experiences and learn from each other.” Haltian Head of Smart Hospital and Managing Director of Haltian Norway, Gunnar Hansen explains. “We are happy to begin working with the Milton Keynes Hospital and develop the future of hospitals together.” They continue.

Real-time location of medical devices

The solution delivered to Milton Keynes also consists of a state-of-the-art Quuppa positioning system visualized through the Empathic Building solution. The system provides accurate, real-time positioning data of critical equipment. The system gives Milton Keynes hospital the possibility to do fully automatic contact tracing, generate reporting, and much more.

MKUH pilot Haltian Empathic Building smart hospital solution
he Smart Hospital Solution includes the Empathic Building digital twin of the building, from which the users can find the needed information fast.

Testing new solutions in an agile way

Trying out new digital solutions in hospitals can be a long process. MKUH wants to change this and pilot new technologies in an agile way, aiming to find the best solutions that scale fast.

“We are hugely excited to be working with Haltian to enable us to better understand how we currently work. The data that we collect will be significant as we look to introduce new systems, initiatives and ways of working so that we can continue to provide the best clinical service possible, with patient safety and experience at the core.” Claire Orchard says. “From the beginning, it has been clear that Haltian has a fantastic understanding of the challenges that we are facing as a Trust which has helped to identify genuine ways to overcome the specific issues.” They conclude.

Haltian Empathic Building brings humans to the centre of smart buildings

MKUH chose Haltian as their partner because of Empathic Building’s unique human-centric approach to bringing the employee and patient experience first, which is essential in adopting new ways of working. According to Claire Orchard, the solution gives the hospital staff greater control over their data and its graphic user interface makes it easier for all the users to engage with the platform and gain all the benefits right away, compared to data presented in reports only.

real-time healthcare systems

Empathic Building for hospitals

Haltian Empathic Building for hospitals solution aims to reduce all small and big tasks, which takes focus away from the patient to an absolute minimum and enables clinical personnel to concentrate on the patient.

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