New customer story released: Tracepen robot programmin device from Wandelbots

tracepen robot programming device

Wandelbots is a spinoff company from Dresden University of Technology, Germany with a groundbreaking platform that makes it possible to program practically any robot fast and with lower costs, making robot-based solutions available for a higher number of businesses.

The TracePen is a programming device and a part of the Wandelbots Teaching Solution. With the TracePen it’s possible to teach a robot in a matter of minutes by simply showing it the path by gesture-controlled programming. The user’s movements are visualized simultaneously in the app and then transferred to the robot controller as robotic code.

Read our brand new customer story on how Haltian helped Wandelbots to make the TracePen a market-ready product.

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There was a lot of flexibility when working with Haltian. From the beginning, we got the feeling that they were a low bureaucracy company with a lean and efficient style of doing things which matched our team’s way of working

Dirk Ackner, Project Manager, Wandelbots