Region Skåne chooses Haltian as a technology partner for optimizing the region’s healthcare real estate operations.

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Region Skåne is a County Council of the Skåne County in Sweden. Region Skåne’s mission is to create the best possible conditions for a healthy life in Skåne, encompassing business, public transport, culture, health, and medical care. As one of the steps towards this goal, Region Skåne establishes a four-year collaboration with Haltian, utilizing Haltian’s digital solutions to empower their real estate management with data. The collaboration targets to optimize the real estate operations in the healthcare sector in the Skåne region. 

The primary focus of our partnership is occupancy measurement with an emphasis on long-term benefits. With the Haltian utilization measurement solution, Region Skåne was able to gain valuable insights into the room and space utilization of one hospital in their portfolio, avoiding the futile investments already in the short term. In the long term, Region Skåne is looking to optimize its entire real estate operations, learning how the hospital spaces are used and what is their true potential based on the actual real-time data.

Haltian has previously gathered evidence from a 1.5-year pilot with a different partner highlighting the substantial savings achievable with just a minimal addition of sensors, illustrating the power of re-assessing space needs through occupancy data.

The key driver for the collaboration was the completeness of the Haltian solution – from Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors to user interfaces – as well as the easiness of Haltian technology integration with the existing information systems of the local hospital building. The final aspect was the technology stack design. Region Skåne was looking for IoT devices with a self-healing mesh network that would work in hard-to-reach parts of the building. Reliable communication between the devices and the cloud was also highly important. The design of the Haltian IoT cloud platform and wireless devices, combined with Wirepas mesh mobile connectivity, met these requirements. At the same time, Haltian Empathic Building data visualization interface created a unified and streamlined approach to data management.

Haltian is excited to contribute to Region Skåne’s digitalization journey towards more efficient real estate operations of the region’s healthcare, with the ultimate goal of building better spaces that support hospital employees and patient care. Our commitment to delivering reliable and user-friendly solutions that make buildings more efficient, sustainable, and empathic remains unwavering. Together, we make every space better. 

About Haltian

Haltian is a leading provider of innovative IoT solutions, dedicated to shaping the future of connected environments. With a focus on seamless integration and user-centric design, Haltian empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of buildings with the most reliable IoT technology.

About Region Skåne

Region Skåne is an evolved County Council of the Skåne County in Sweden. Region Skåne exists to ensure that the residents of Skåne are healthy and believe in the future. Through collaboration and care across the board, we create the best possible conditions for a healthy life in Skåne – within business, public transport, culture, health and medical care. Together, we make life possible.

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