Start Up of the year 2014

Haltian team designing

Press release / Haltian Communications, Oulu, 16.4.2015

Haltian receives award as the Oulu Start Up of the year 2014

The city of Oulu has awarded Haltian as the Oulu Start Up of the year 2014. Haltian, established in September 2012, is an Oulu-based company whose main business are the innovative design, product development and productisation of wireless technology for its global customer base. The company has already achieved a status as a world-class business in hardware, software and product design, and currently employs 75 people in Oulu.

The criteria for the award were the young age of the company, originality of the business idea, positive activity in their operational environment, as well as the creation of growth and new jobs in the region.

Haltian’s superior expertise in wireless technology gives them an edge in global competition, and they can scale their product development solutions based on customer needs, be it miniaturised mechanics, industrial internet, or any sensor-based and mobile product. For its two and a half years of business, the company has financed its business from their operations, and was able to grow their turnover to nearly eight million euros in the year 2014.

In addition to their design service offering, Haltian invests heavily in the development and productisation of new innovations for global markets. Their first own physical product is Thingsee One, a smart sensory-based device for developers who want to create new and versatile Internet of Things solutions.

One core factor in Haltian’s business has always been that all the personnel are responsible for the quality of the products and for reaching the goals that they have set as a company. Haltian believes strongly in supporting and employing the world-class expertise in northern Finland with interesting and challenging work opportunities, both now and in years to come. The people at Haltian take pride in the award they have been given, and will continue to work hard for both the best of the company and to support northern Finland.

For more information, please contact:
Pasi Leipälä, CEO, Haltian Oy, +358 40 5434579

Heini Tuorila, Marketing Director, Haltian Oy, +358 40 7096512