Thingsee aims at becoming the leading IoT devices platform

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Thingsee changes strategy and aims at becoming the leading IoT devices platform for enterprise Internet of Things.

Finnish devices maker for Internet of Things (IoT) Haltian launches its new strategy at Slush with the launch of a new Thingsee product family at the eve of the Finnish startup event Slush. The new service model around Thingsee makes IoT solutions concrete for companies, which has raised interest among tens of current customers about potential collaboration possibilities.

Thingsee became first known as an IoT developer device maker with the launch of Thingsee One on Kickstarter in November 2015. To date Thingsee One has sold more than a thousand units, giving Haltian a valuable direct contact to hundreds of potential IoT customers. Customer needs led Thingsee product development towards a modular direction. The product family can be tailored cost efficiently to each customer needs. As the basic element for the product development was the demand for the sensor network to be fully managed for large scale IoT operations.

“In the discussions with our customers we realized there´s a need for a more complete solution that the customers can easily and cost efficiently customize to match their needs. Modularity seemed as the perfect solution for the development of the IoT devices platform. At the same time a strategic change towards a holistic service provider was clear. We created a service that covers the IoT solutions life cycle from the startup evaluation and testing to devices maintenance” states Ville Ylläsjärvi, Co-Founder at Haltian.

Haltian answers to customer needs by launching at Slush a fully customizable data layer solution for large scale IoT installations. The IoT devices platform consists of IoT sensors, gateways and device cloud with end-to-end data services. Thingsee IoT devices platform is designed to help Haltian´s customers to reach the desired returns on investment faster by offering a smooth path towards a completely optimized IoT solution.

“We have strong evidence that our combined offering of a modular IoT devices platform with full custom development and support service is the right way to build new IoT solutions.” states Pasi Leipälä, CEO of Haltian.

At Slush Thingsee launches a devices family of four new commercial IoT devices: 

With the combination of several different devices each customer is defined with the best optimized solution to fit their IoT needs. All sensors can be optimized and the long battery life enables also a long battery life in wireless environments.

Thingsee GATEWAY – IoT gateway device with 2G and local mesh network with Wirepas Connectivity. Thingsee GETAWAY  collects data from local sensor network and delivers it to cloud. The device comes with an inbuilt data connectivity that is billed monthly depending on the data consumption.

Thingsee Distance – a new IoT sensor that can reliably measure distances from 0 to 2000mm. The sensor is designed for applications that measure fill rate, presence of objects etc. for facility and other space management. Possible applications could be in hospitals, in space management or metal industry use cases, among others.

Thingsee Presence – a PIR (Passive Infra Red) and environmental sensor designed for facility management and security applications, for example. It can detect the presence of people in spaces, and report data for instance of space occupancy rate or trespassing.

Thingsee POD 2 – a new easy to customize evaluation device for large scale IoT development projects. The device has inbuilt environmental sensors, network location and magnet sensors for example.  Additionally, the devices can be used to measure a machines operational rate through the inbuilt sensors.

Haltian is preseting and launching the new product family at Slush 30.11.-1.12.2017.

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