Thingsee One IoT developer device made commercially available

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Thingsee One IoT developer device made commercially available following successful Kickstarter campaign

Oulu, Finland – 13th August 2015 – Thingsee, a manufacturer of developer devices and platforms, today announced the commercial availability of its Thingsee One device. Thingsee One is a smart developer device for Internet of Things (IoT) application and solution development. The device is designed for the easier and faster deployment of new IoT applications and services at a fraction of the current cost.

“Cost and complexity can now no longer prevent IoT ideas and innovation becoming reality,” said Pasi Jokinen, Thingsee’s CEO. “This product is the start of the democratization of IoT development.”

Unlike other developer devices on the market, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Thingsee One is ready for immediate use and is both weatherproof and impact resistant. Developers can use the product to design and implement IoT applications without the need to invest in expensive, time-consuming hardware.

Thanks to its robust structure, wide variety of fully programmable sensors and extensive cellular connectivity, Thingsee One is an ideal host for a multitude of different applications. With a battery life lasting up to one year, the device’s capabilities are extensive.

Thingsee One was first introduced to the market via a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign run in late 2014. The manufacture of the device began in Finland in July this year, and the first shipments are about to be distributed.

Thingsee is also launching Thingsee Creator, a visual programming tool as a public beta. Creator enables the creation of prototypes and new practices in just minutes. Thingsee Creator is available for free at

Thingsee One is currently used globally by multiple companies and project groups of differing sizes. For example, large companies like Cisco Systems is using Thingsee One for prototyping new IoT concepts and small teams like have developed complex new applications using the device.

Thingsee One devices can be purchased via Thingsee’s online store, at

More information:

Pasi Jokinen, CEO, Thingsee +358 45 6767 040

Ville Ylläsjärvi, Founder and CMO, Thingsee +358 50 486 9981

If you want to try out the Thingsee One device, please contact

Thingsee Oy is a subsidiary of the Finnish company Haltian Oy, which focuses on building developer platforms and devices, and industrial internet applications. The company aims to achieve market leadership as a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) developer tools. Thingsee’s mission is to facilitate turning IoT ideas into reality, quickly and inexpensively.