TVOC visualization update for Empathic Building

Haltian Empathic Building digital twin on a laptop at an offce

Haltian, a leading provider of smart building solutions, has recently announced the addition of a new feature to its popular Empathic Building solution. The new feature allows users to monitor the TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) levels in their office space, in addition to existing air quality monitoring features such as CO2 and temperature.

The new feature is designed to help office managers and building owners to better manage indoor air quality and create a healthier environment for employees. By monitoring TVOC levels, which are commonly found in indoor air and can have negative health effects if they exceed safe levels, users of the Empathic Building solution can take action to reduce exposure and improve overall air quality.

Benefits of monitoring TVOC levels in your office with Empathic Building

  1. Optimize the ventilation system & request its maintenance fast. The levels of TVOC can help to determine when action should be taken to optimize ventilation rates in a building area or room.
  2. Ensure a healthy & productive workplace. Short-term exposure to high levels of TVOCs can cause acute symptoms such as eye and respiratory irritation, while long-term exposure to lower levels can lead to chronic health effects.
  3. Get workplace well-being certifications. Demonstrate your commitment to providing a healthy and sustainable environment for your employees.

With the growing emphasis on creating healthy workspaces and improving employee experience, this new feature is sure to be a valuable addition to the Empathic Building solution. By providing real-time data on air quality, building owners and office managers can take proactive measures to create a safe and comfortable workspace that promotes productivity and well-being.

Overall, the addition of the TVOC monitoring feature to the Empathic Building solution is a positive step forward in the quest for healthier and more sustainable office environments. As more companies prioritize employee wellness and sustainability, solutions like these will continue to play an important role in improving the workplace experience for all.

Empathic Building digital twin on a mobile phone showing TVOC levels

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