We’re hiring an entire IoT team!

Haltian team showcase

We at Haltian are facing quite a huge growth in demand of our IoT solutions. We are looking for to hire a complete IoT team to further strengthen our existing team. Welcome to join Haltian!

Thingsee IoT

Thingsee IoT Platform consists of sensor and gateway firmware, cloud, database, internal and external APIs, desktop and mobile applications, manufacturing and maintenance tools – and same for edge (local server) installations.

The roles we are looking for:

  • Thingsee IoT, Release Manager
  • Thingsee IoT, Devops Specialist
  • Thingsee IoT, Database Engineer
  • Thingsee IoT, Cloud Engineer
  • Thingsee IoT, Cloud Trainee
  • Thingsee IoT, Test (Automation) Engineer
  • Thingsee IoT, Firmware Engineer


Welcome to work with talented and great people that make fantastic teams. We offer competitive salary, relaxed way of working in an environment of low bureaucracy and high freedom as well as other great company benefits. You get to work with absolute spearhead IoT system and technologies. Our products and services are sold in a global market.

Read the requirements for each role and apply:

Thingsee IoT SW team – many roles