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Customer case: Monidor

When choosing a product development partner for health technology, trust and transparency become particularly important. Read our customer case on how Haltian helped Monidor make their product more cost-efficient to produce and easier to use.

Monidor is a Finnish health technology company that has innovated a groundbreaking new device for remote IV monitoring called Monidrop. Monidrop gives direct visibility to the ongoing intravenous therapy displaying infusion speed, total volume, time and set targets. With Monidrop, hospitals can improve patient safety, satisfaction, and efficiency.


The challenge

Monidor came to Haltian with the first generation of their product, wanting to make the production simpler and more cost-effective in order to get their solution to hospitals and healthcare professionals all over the world. The first version of Monidrop had already received good feedback from its users but it was quite complicated and expensive to produce which consequently raised the end-price of the product. Monidor also wanted to improve certain parts and features of their earlier product in order to make it easier to use.

Monidor started to look for a way to make the production simpler without making any compromises with quality. Monidor had their own software team and some hardware knowhow, but as a growing startup, they needed more resources and a team with experience in HW, mechanics and sourcing.



Based on Haltian’s good reputation, Monidor was already familiar with our company and trusted Haltian’s ability to deliver good quality services whilst operating in a transparent and cost-efficient way.

The project was carried out in close collaboration with the customer, working together with their own team to make sure the end-product matched their needs. Haltian’s holistic approach to product design meant that every detail of the production process was taken into consideration already in the planning phase. Several improvements were made that made the product more reliable, easier to use and more cost-efficient to produce.

One big change was that the costly touch screen was replaced with a simpler screen. Then, a WLAN module was added to the device which enabled the remote configuration of the device. In addition, the wireless connection enabled the remote monitoring of intravenous therapy, which makes the hospital staff’s work a lot easier and more efficient.

Haltian also gave Monidor sourcing advice on how to approach different manufacturing service providers and the production site was changed to better match Monidor’s needs.

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After kickoff, the first functioning devices were ready in months and the customer was able to start piloting their device very quickly.

The goal of the project was to lower the production costs by half and we are happy to say that this goal was achieved!

Monidrop is now easier to assemble in production and the material costs were lowered by more than 50%. The new and improved Monidrop has gotten its CE approval at the beginning of February 2020 and it’s being used in several hospitals with many on the line internationally.

“We needed a trustworthy partner who would operate with transparency together with our own team. Our expectations for Haltian were very high and I can honestly say they were also fulfilled. The project was done on time and within budget so I would definitely recommend Haltian as a partner.” Mikko Savola, CEO, Monidor

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