Use readily available Thingsee® sensors and IoT Gateway devices to build your IoT solution. Thingsee® is the most economical way to digitalise a business: it’s a combination of high quality devices and robust data layer services to support the creation of new IoT business solutions.

Thingsee® FAMILY

Thingsee® IoT platform solves the equation by offering an easy-to-tailor IoT devices and communications platform. Companies can easily test their hypotheses in real business environment and quickly scale up suitable solution. All Thingsee® devices are available as evaluation or development kits. When you get a good amount of devices that are ready-to-use, you save time and money on your development. Thingsee® makes it easier to build new IoT solutions.

Thingsee® DISTANCE

Thingsee® DISTANCE has a time of flight sensor to accurately measure distance from the device to a surface. Thingsee® DISTANCE is a handy sensor for tracking the usage of dispensers, measuring the fill rate of various containers and more.

Thingsee® PRESENCE

Thingsee® PRESENCE wireless sensor device gives you a real time information on your facility usage and environmental conditions. It measures people movement in your facility and can be used to determine the usage of your facilities in real time.

Thingsee® POD2

Thingsee® POD 2 wireless sensor is your  new developer platform for new distributed large scale IoT solutions. It can measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, Light level, movement, magnetism and also can provide a location on a specific Wirepas mesh network. The device can operate up to two years with two AAA replaceable batteries.

Thingsee® HUB

Thingsee® HUB is an IoT Gateway device for large scale IoT solutions. Thingsee® HUB gathers the sensor information from your network and transfers the data to cloud using cellular connectivity. Plug and play installation makes scaling new solutions a breeze.

“Having its roots in Nokia’s R&D expertise, Haltian has a clear focus on sensor and wireless technologies. Combined with our digital business solutions (Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business intelligence, Service design, Machine Learning, Cloud services etc.) we can provide our customers through the whole solution creation service chain. Through cooperation with Haltian, we can make the building of IoT solutions for our customers easier than ever. After all, successful IoT business creation is about innovative and agile organization’s culture and competences, it is therefore no coincidence, that together with Haltian we can help our customers to be winners in the digital era.”

Janne Siltari, Head of IoT, Solita


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