Ōura wellness ring

Sleep well and go further with ŌURA, the wearable device that brings you actionable insights about your well-being so you can be ready for what’s next.


High-end technology like laboratory level sleep monitors, high-end heart rate monitors and accurate activity trackers combined in a sophisticated housing.


The Haltian collaboration, Ōura, is a completely new and impressive piece of wearable technology. Its intimate but dynamic design feels instantly comfortable, and the industrial design and ergonomics carefully take into account human anatomy. The ring houses high-end technology like laboratory level sleep monitors, high-end heart rate monitors and accurate activity trackers.

The product’s software and algorithms connect the dots between cause and effect in the human body. The impressive technology offers the latest in heart rate based algorithm processing, optoelectronic signal processing and biosignal detection, as well as analysis of activity, recovery, sleep and chronobiology. A tiny, autonomous computer – a Sensor Processing Unit (SPU) – processes the data it senses, meaning Ōura works on its own, even when away from your phone.


This project was a great example of Haltian’s unique ability to build a complete product from start to finish, carefully taking into account all the important aspects of creating something new and groundbreaking. We started with the technical concept work, chose the solutions used in the product, designed and tested it, and developed the software except for the health related algorithms. We also took part in the supplier selections and handled the project management and production.

In particular, Ōura displays especially well our experience in designing miniature mechanics for an extremely challenging construction. Our hardware experts were able to manage a super high level of electronics integration, and also cut down the power consumption of the device to minimum.

Haltian has been a crucial product development partner, having world class expertise in both hardware and software development. Collaboration with Haltian has worked very smoothly and Haltian team’s innovations and technical solutions have exceeded our expectations.



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