Haltian RADAR

Haltian RADAR is the most reliable wireless vehicle detection sensor for smart parking and loading dock occupancy detection.
Parking occupancy
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Loading dock monitoring

Use for

Monitor loading dock occupancy Monitor parking occupancy

Uncompromised & wireless vehicle detection

Uncompromised and interference free

Radar is uncompromised by any natural source of interference and works in any environment.

Install without interruptions

Install Haltian RADAR without any interruptions to your operations or worrying about complicated wiring.

Rugged design for any environment

IP68 rated and rigorously tested against the MIL-STD-810H Military Standard.

  • What is Haltian RADAR?

    Wireless data collection

    Haltian RADAR is a 60GHz Phased Coherent Radar sensor for robust presence detection. It is based on radio wave signal and it measures the distance between the sensor and any surface.

  • Loading dock occupancy sensing

    Manage your loading docks more efficiently

    Loading dock is one of the most important areas of the warehouse to keep efficient, as it manages the inflow and outflow of goods, which is directly proportional to the warehouse’s profitability.

    Read how RADAR helps in loading dock occupancy monitoring

  • Smart parking data collection

    Understand the real-time utilization

    Gather real-time information on the vehicle occupancy and parking space availability, for improved management of your parking capacity.

    Better optimized parking solutions result in decreased pollution, improved parking experience and decreased costs.

    Read more about the vehicle detection use case

Haltian RADAR on a table with the light on
Maximise loading dock utilization with a sensor solution


Device info
Operating temperature -35°C … +85°C
IP rating grade IP68
Battery life Up to 10 years
Certifications CE, UKCA, and RoHS
Radio sensitivity -95 dBm (BTLE)
Weight 164 g (including batteries)
Connectivity Wirepas Mesh