Coin-sized wireless activity tracker for harsh conditions, available on special order
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Use for

Step counter Track activity levels

Coin-sized wireless activity tracker


No complicated wiring

Extra small

This activity tracker can be worn without noticing!

  • What is Thingsee ACTIVITY?

    Coin-sized wireless activity tracker

    Thingsee ACTIVITY is a tiny and robust wireless IoT sensor that can be used to track overall activity level and count your steps with precision. It can also be used in harsh conditions such as washing machine and dryer.

    Read more about our customer case using Thingsee ACTIVITY with W.L Gore

  • Interested in Thingsee ACTIVITY?

    Available on special order

    Thingsee ACTIVITY is available on special order, please contact us for more information

Thingsee activity garment usage monitoring IoT device
Haltian customer case Gore: developing IoT solution for garment field testing


Device info
Operating temperature -30°C … +65°C
IP rating grade IP67
Battery life Stand-alone operation time: about one year
Certifications FCC, ISED and RoHS compliant
Radio sensitivity -95 dBm (BTLE)