Thingsee BEAM

Thingsee BEAM enables extremely accurate distance measurement all the way up to 4 meters. This wireless battery powered sensor is excellent for measuring container or dispenser fill rates.
IoT distance measurement
hand towel fill rate monitoring IoT device
Paper and towel dispenser fill rates
Soap dispenser fill rates
trash bin fill rate monitoring IoT device
Trash bin fill rates
monitor storage fill rates with IoT
Storage fill rates

Use for

Distance measurement Monitor fill rates

Accurate distance measurement


You can install this sensor where you need it without worrying about power sources or complicated wiring.

Easy to install and use

Like all Thingsee sensors, Thingsee LEAKAGE RUGGED is extremely easy to install and use, and it’s all done in a few seconds!


With Thingsee BEAM’s adjustable region of interest and angle, you can get more accurate measuring results. In addition, the adjustable detection angle gives more options and flexibility for the installation.

  • On-demand cleaning

    Focus your cleaning efforts to where they’re needed.

    Remote monitoring of dispenser and trash bin fill rates in public washrooms enables on-demand cleaning, helping cleaning personnel focus their time on areas that need attention instead of doing unnecessary time-based check-ups.

  • Better user experiences

    Stocked and clean toilets make for happy customers

    With remote dispenser and container fill rate monitoring, your public washrooms are always stocked and clean, and your customers are happier to return!

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