Thingsee PRESENCE is a wireless IoT device for measuring people presence through your facility. You can use the sensor for facility management and occupancy detection in various places such as offices, hospitals or restaurants.
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People presence
Visitor coutning with wireless IoT sensor, Internet of things solutions
Visitor counting
Desk occupancy monitoring with wireless IoT devices
Desk occupancy

Use for

Monitor occupancy Visitor counter

Wireless IoT device for smart buildings


You can install this sensor device where you need it without worrying about power sources or complicated wiring.

Easy to install and use

Like all Thingsee IoT devices, Thingsee PRESENCE extremely easy to install and use, and it’s all done in a few seconds!

  • Make your spaces smart

    Occupancy and usage data for smart buildings

    Thingsee PRESENCE is an essential element of any workplace management solution used to monitor people presence and usage levels of meeting rooms and office desks. Occupancy data can be further used to optimise space usage as well as energy consumption.

  • Visitor counting

    How many people have visited your spaces?

    The sensor is also used for visitor counting in smart washrooms. Combined with dispenser fill level data cleaners know where to use their time for cleaning. In addition, the visitor data is used for analysis on what times the washrooms are the busiest, and which washrooms are used the most.

Thingsee presence sensor under the table, smart buildings
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Device info
Operating temperature -20°C … +50°C
IP rating grade IP40
Battery life Up to 5 years
Certifications CE, FCC, ISED and RoHS compliant
Radio sensitivity -95 dBm (BTLE)
Weight 37 g
Adjustable sensor sensitivity