Empathic Building for Offices

New Empathic Building is here! Create fantastic office experience in 3 steps, knowing exactly what your employees and organization need in the modern hybrid workplaces.
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No.1 technology for hybrid workplaces

Workplaces must evolve to realize their full potential and to cater people needs. This journey starts by creating a seamless office experience where everything works and where people love to be.

Empathic Building for Offices is a proven solution for delivering fantastic office experience, while balancing business costs. This is enabled by three steps:

  1. Rightsizing the space with precise insights from utilization data
  2. Deploying desk sharing and flexible ways of working smoothly for employees
  3. Continuously refining and optimizing employee experience and space design

It is built for all building users, helping you to create a responsive and caring workplace.

Designed for All Building Users’ Needs

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Employee-First Approach

Making employees thrive in the modern work environment is at the core of Empathic Building offering.

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Workplace Experience & Technology Experts

Get added value from insights on how people use the space, to inform decisions on how to make it better.


Facility & Maintenance Professionals

Get feedback and maintenance requests from users. Integrate with any 3rd party system with ease.

Choose Your Solution

Rightsize and optimize workspaces

Build functional and healthy workplaces with the right data about your space and assets utilization and air quality.

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Enable desk sharing

Deploy desk sharing at scale within days. Make new policies easy for employees to adapt with effortless reservations and intuitive interface.

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Optimize workplace experience

Synchronize your systems, request repairs and maintenance fast. Support employees’ learning and connection to culture.

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Don’t know how to start? Try our starter kit

Gain valuable insights into your office space with our accurate and reliable office starter kit. Our kit provides factual information on your occupancy and air quality, so you can make informed decisions to improve the well-being of your employees.

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