Empathic Building

Empathic Building is a smart building solution that helps employees feel happier, more inspired and perform better.

Design a workspace for success

Use smart technology in your office building to boost employee well-being, happiness, productivity and innovation. By understanding workspaces, meeting rooms and employee behaviour, buildings can become human-centric, instantly responding to issues and offering options for workspaces, equipment or colleague locations.

Promoting a smoother and more intuitive working environment contributes to a more motivated, agile workforce and a better workflow – with the KPIs and data to prove it.

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Benefits of Empathic Building

Boost happiness

Improve employees well-being and satisfaction.

Increase performance

A better work environment inspires collaboration and innovation.

Better experiences

Efficient employees and happy customers generate better business.

  • Find your workstation, meeting rooms and colleagues

    No more searching through your office or difficult databases

    Find a space to work, all the equipment you need, and your colleagues immediately. Find a free meeting room ad-hoc or book a room in advance.

  • Find your atmosphere

    Need a quiet place to work?

    Find a work area based on temperature, noise and air quality. Empathic Building virtual map shows you different environment factor to help you choose the best working area for you.

  • Create service tickets and share your voice

    Map and report technical or maintenance issues with location data. This way the maintenance get notified of the exact problem immediately, and no information will be lost.

Empathic building smart office solution find work-stations
Empathic Building mobile application with air quality and temperature
Smart Building service tickets with Empathic Building application

Interested in Empathic Building?

Tomi Teikko empathic building

The future of smart buildings is Empathic

“Empathic Building’s differentiating factor is that we don’t solve the buildings problems. We don’t do smart buildings primarily, i.e. optimizing utility rates and such. For us, it’s a byproduct.”

Tomi Teikko, Head of Empathic Building

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