Fill level monitoring

Fill level monitoring remotely helps you reduce workload while saving money and time.
Thingsee and Lindström paper towel dispenser with fill level monitoring

Our devices:

Thingsee BEAM

Basic information
Paper and towel dispenser fill levels
Soap dispenser fill levels
Trash bin fill levels
Storage fill levels


Basic information
Fill level

Here’s where these devices can be used:

For offices & return to work

Take the next step in creating a digital workplace with our sensors, which enable you to gather data on visitors, occupancy, air quality and other environmental conditions. This data also can help you return to the office safely by optimising cleaning and space usage.

For hospitals

Get more time for your patients and get rid of both small and big frictions in the hospital with our sensor solutions. They give data and insights on the most pressing issues on hand, freeing time for the employees to focus on more important tasks.

For hotels and restaurants

Collect data on your hotel or restaurant with our sensors and get actionable insights on how to improve your space usage, where you need maintenance and how your visitors are behaving in your space. Our solution doesn’t interupt your customer or employees, and all data gathered is fully anonymous.