Indoor air quality monitoring

Our indoor air quality device creates insights about your office for increased comfort, reducing health risks and creating a better work environment for your employees.
Thingsee Air mounted on a office wall

Our devices:

Thingsee AIR

Basic information
Air quality
CO2 levels
TVOC levels
Barometric pressure
Ambient light

Here’s where these devices can be used:

For offices & return to work

Take the next step in creating a digital workplace with our devices, which enable you to gather reliable data on air quality and other environmental conditions. This data can help you return to the office safely by mitigating the risk of spreading airborne diseases during, which is essential during these times.

For hospitals

Get more time for your patients and get rid of both small and big frictions in the hospital with our devices. They give data and insights on the most pressing issues on hand, creating a safer environment for your employees and patients.

For hotels and restaurants

Collect data on your hotel or restaurant with our devices and get actionable insights on how to improve your space usage in order to reduce airborne disease risks, purely based how your visitors are behaving in your space. Our solution doesn’t interupt your customer or employees, and all data gathered is fully anonymous.