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At Haltian we’re all about turning bold ideas into tangible technology. When Wondershop approached us with their vision of a gaming console specifically designed for children, we knew it was a project right up our alley. Wondershop, known for its innovative and impact-driven approach to social arcade games, wanted to bridge the generation gap between kids and adults through intuitive play.

The result of the project is The Wondershop Entertainment System (WES) – a console that turns any screen into a multiplayer device with no smartphone required.

Starting point

How to create a new device?

Wondershop came to us with an idea but little knowledge of the hardware development landscape. They wanted a device that was simple, intuitive, and accessible to all, breaking down the barriers for children worldwide, regardless of their social or financial background. With no experience in hardware projects and the ambition to create a product that was both affordable and globally accessible, Wondershop needed a partner who could navigate these challenges with confidence and expertise.


Easy-to-use gaming controller

Haltian stepped in as that partner, taking on both the first and second generation of the project. Our team focused on creating a gaming controller, emphasizing ease of use and global accessibility regardless of the child’s access to a smartphone. This approach not only aligned with Wondershop’s mission to prevent social exclusion through technology and games but also made gaming more inclusive for families and organizations working with children and youth.

The project with Wondershop was multifaceted, involving initial concept development and later productization. Haltian’s expertise spanned UX, industrial design, mechanics, hardware and software design, and even scaling production through sourcing, supply chain setup, and manufacturing setup including EMS selection and production testing development.

Key specifications from Wondershop included:

  • A robust grip suitable for children’s small hands
  • Life-proof mechanics aimed for IP54 certification.
  • Integration of proven and reliable technologies like BLE and NFC.
  • A design confined to a single printed wiring board (PWB) with touch sensor integration
  • Additional features like a coin cell battery, and LED battery life indicator.
WES wireless gaming device by Wondershop games


Peace of mind with top-notch expertise

The WES has been a game-changer in more ways than one. Beyond the innovative product itself, the process highlighted Haltian’s dedication to reliability and customer-focused service, which has been crucial in realizing Wondershop’s vision.

According to Annastiina Salminen, Co-founder and CEO at Wondershop, Haltian’s consistent assurance was a standout feature. “Being complete novices, we always felt confident that our partner was looking out for our best interests without any hidden agendas,” she shared. The project’s cost and timeline estimations were initially a gray area for Wondershop, but according to Annastiina, Haltian’s transparency and expertise provided much-needed context and reassurance.

Would Wondershop recommend Haltian for product development? “Absolutely,” Salminen affirms. “If someone is bold enough to dive into a hardware project, they need a partner like Haltian, someone who brings peace of mind with top-notch expertise.”

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Haltian successfully navigated the project’s technical and logistical challenges. Notable achievements included:

  • Implementing a more robust touch technology that resists interference from moisture, crucial for maintaining functionality in different situations
  • Extensive prototyping to ensure optimal usability, resulting in numerous printed models to fine-tune the device’s ergonomics and functionality.
  • The project met all specified requirements within the set timeline and budget, with the final bill of materials even falling below the target cost.

The success of the Wondershop Entertainment System is a testament to the power of collaboration, and expertise. At Haltian, we’re proud to be part of this journey.

Being complete novices, we always felt confident that our partner was looking out for our best interests without any hidden agendas.

Annastiina Salminen, CEO and Co-founder, Wondershop

Jarno Leskelä, Haltian Product creation

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