Empathic Building smart office at WAYRA 5G lab

Read how WAYRA 5G/Edge uses Empathic Building digital twin and smart office solution
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WAYRA is the innovation Hub of Telefónica, connecting technological disruptors around the world. WAYRA 5G/Edge Lab in the heart of Munich gives companies access to the best 5G connectivity, as well as the most advanced Edge Computing technology and equipment to integrate into their solutions and improve their products.

Here’s how WAYRA 5G/Edge uses Empathic Building digital twin and smart office solution to easily visualize the partners in the lab, coordinate the visits in the lab, and comply their COVID rules with desk booking and space usage information.

Starting point

Space visualisation and a safe environment during COVID

WAYRA 5G/Edge lab showcases many partners and receives a lot of visitors. To offer the best possible visitor and employee experience, WAYRA wanted a tool in which to visualize the lab and the partners for both employees and visitors.  In addition, COVID brought new challenges to WAYRA 5G lab’s operation and the smart office solution needed to have a possibility for desk booking and visibility to how and when spaces, rooms and desk were used to ensure safe working environment for everyone.

In short, the requirements for the smart office solution were:

  • Simple visualization of the different partner’s and their operations in a digital twin
  • Coordinating visits to the lab
  • Desk booking to ensure social distancing during COVID
  • Common platform for employees to voice their feelings and give feedback
  • Common platform to make service tickets for issue in the building
Empathic Building smart office solution digital twin at WAYRA 5G lab
WAYRA 5G/Edge lab digital twin


Easy to use smart office solution with a digital twin

WAYRA 5G lab took Empathic Building digital twin into use at their premises. The smart office solution works on mobile, PC and on touch screen TV on site, offering a graphic user interface where all services are integrated in a digital twin of the building. From there, WAYRA employees and visitors can easily find all the information they want.

For employees, Empathic Buildings shows rooms and desks available for booking; important information on COVID guides, lunch and more; location information on co-worker’s and offers the possibility to voice opinions and make service tickets for facility managements. The WAYRA 5G/Edge lab visitors on the other hand can use the digital twin to find out more about the partner’s in the lab, find their way to the right place and even see the location of the person they have a meeting with.

The Empathic Building digital twin is created using the blueprints of the building, and details can be added and edited at any time. Empathic Building collects information from the users themselves, as well as smart sensor devices placed in the building, like occupancy devices for desks and rooms; air quality devices for monitoring the environment conditions in the building and dispenser fill level monitoring devices in the bathrooms for efficient cleaning.


All information in one easy-to-use interface

When using Empathic Building smart office solution, WAYRA lab has been able to accommodate to the COVID regulations and offer a safe working environment through desk and room booking and space usage guidelines in their digital twin.

5G/Edge lab visitors can now easily see al the partners when they arrive to the lab and also easily find what they are looking for.

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